Wednesday, December 23, 2009

holes of the world. :D

monticello dam
this one situated in california
when the lake gets it's full capacity of water,some of the water will be drained into this hole. :)

kimberly big whole
i dont know what's up with the name but it is situated in south africa.
it is the largest hand-dug excavation in the world!

diavik mine
situated in canada. it has it's own airport because it's too remote.
it's equally cool when the water surrounding it freezes. :D

great blue hole
situated in belize. there are more of this but this one is the most beautiful among them.
and this is my favourite. :)

bingham canyon mine
situated in Utah. one of the largest cave made by man.

sinkhole in guatemala
it has swallowed several houses and 3 people died because of this hole.

mirny diamond mine,eastern siberia
there is a no fly zone on top of it because there was a few helicopters that was sucked in. scary much.