Friday, December 25, 2009

the exception

when i heard the song the exception by paramore, when it was in gossip girl season 3 episode 12 (wah..complete) i said this is a lovely song without even listening to the words and i downloaded it. it tells me about a girl-hayley saying about her parent's separation and how she promised to herself not to fall in love. but one guy was her exception to her promise and this song was dedicated to him. well,same as me,as to the people that knows me very well, you guys would say that i'm used to fall in love a lot when i was in campus. so many scandals huh? but just one guy,that really truly did took my heart. he was the one that i've waited one year and until now he doesnt know about this feeling i had for one year that ended 3months ago.

after he took my heart and ran away with it, even though i had lots of guy friends in my life after that, no one made me so intensely in love with them other than this guy. hanan,u would know sape this guy kan? because it was you,sarah and ida had to witnessed how i tortured myself for this guy. sampai i slept from 7pm until 2pm esok nye. memang sumpah ah pengsan.

and i vowed to myself that i would not fall in love as deeply as him to another person. so along came this boy but i was not too sure about this one because he was already with someone else. but he was nice. and this made me melt a lil. too far that when he decided to go back to his girlfriend i was so hurt but when he wanted me back. there's no way he can ever return. i was so sick of his perangai and pujuk2. he was so sickening.

but then i met this guy which is a friend of mine. that was when i didnt believe in love anymore and i told him that and he said the same thing as well. we became closer and closer everyday because we contact each other everyday. but one thing for sure, i never met him yet. we've known each other thru facebook and friends but never face to face yet. so i decided that i wont depend and like him in that way. but as usual,i like talking to him everyday. it made me happy. it made me somehow release all my problems in the air while i talk to him and catch the problems back when he's no longer there. i tried to make him as the exception but i'm not sure he's up for it.

what i wanna say here is believe in there is no love in this world grew too strong inside me that when i begin to like a guy, i would ask my self,is this the guy? can he manage to look after my heart? can he be the one that when i need a shoulder to cry on? can he be the one? i never believe in love anymore after the guy in the campus.

so i need someone to make me believe in love again. if you cant make that happen..well..please leave. or somehow make me convince there is a chance so make me wait but tell me.

i need that someone.

moral of the story- do not fall in love.