Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009's already 1 day away from 2010. i always thought that it would so far away and teringat kat cbn's motto or whatever talking about 2010 crap improving school crap. pergh. sampai gak akhirnya. woah. 2009..a beautiful year. not as crappy as 2007 but not as beautiful as 2008. not a lot of tears went thru my cheeks..macho macho. hahaha. and lot's of laughter shared with families and friends. lot's of suprised yang sakitkan my jantung. ouch. and lot's of LOVE. hahahaha. scandal. wow. hahahahhaa. lawak2. lot's of new friends. lots and lots of enemies. wuhu!

but serious la..this year was a happy one. but cam tak la banyak memori indah. it's just that lot's of stuff went on and off but bleh la accept this year. are some stuff went on for 2009. enjoy.

movies i went to..

and some that i cant remember and seen it in my laptop! :D

and here are some new friends and old ones who tagged along with me since 2009..

so i hope i'll see everyone i met in 2009 and cherish the new year along.
i hope that sweet memories will return and left the heart trembling moments.
i hope 2010 will not make my tear drops fall and make laughter to be my guidance.

2010,please make it a better year.

bye 2009! hello 2010!