Tuesday, December 15, 2009

outing with cinta's. :)

went out today with reen and edelin to taylors sebab one of us nak check out the place. after taking me at my house,me and reen went straight to mont kiara to pick up edelin plak. after that we went straight to taylors and mase tu serious lapar gler.

about 20minutes in taylors,we went to bangsar village and ate some good old fish and chips kat fish & co. it was so nice! and it's really cheap too. :) so we talked and talked and laughed like macam tu bapak kitorang nye restaurant. haha. after that..we had some "emergency" so went straight to mid valley but banyak sangat orang so we gave up and went to UCSI straight nak tengok tengok the college.

after that went to taman tar to see afiq for awhile to take edelin's stuff and kitorang lepak dekat mcd ampang jaya infront of the tau tau la kan..banyak hot guys sume. ngeh2. gatal. but sume lagi muda la. NOT MY TYPE. hehehehe. :D

lepas tu dorang hantar me balik after we're done with our coffee,drinks and mcflurry.

tu je! chow!