Wednesday, December 16, 2009

kuantan. :)

well,for some stupid reason i went back to kuantan to finished up some mess things i made during my sem3. so went there with a reason. same as zaty,nad and iylia. :) spend there about 4 days 3 nights. 3days of busy studying and one day just to enjoy. :D so,not much to be told. but we went to teluk cempedak,megamall and ecm. met up with some of my old friends and juniors. even though it was compulsory to go there but it was fun to relief some missing issues. :) went to see the ninja assassin and karaoke!! thanks zaty! sayang ko! :D and mase nak hantar nad to the terminal, nad was the only passenger in the plusliner. lawak gler. and we took lots of stupid pictures sume. and hanan joined in kuantan just to jumpe kitorang and the husband. :p went to teluk cempedak to kedai abang to have some shisha and dinner. there was zat,hanan,me,zaty,fatin,ed,lisa and taufiq. :) had some great time. planned to sleepover there at teluk cempedak but takut anis sorang sorang kat rumah,so we went home,sembang sembang. by that time,zaty was already asleep. me second and hanan and anis pun tido. next day,early morning,me and zaty woke up to take our bus at 9am. that's all. :D chow!