Sunday, December 13, 2009

is this love?

owh well, for u guys' information, i met a guy. bla bla bla. fell in love even though i dont know what love is. and yada yada,we went for our first date. but this is the weird part, i didnt think that this was supposed to be a date. why? because he has someone already and i DO like him but i know my limits. so i think that outing was just a lepak with a guy friend. can u guys understand?

anyhow, i think it's already 2 or 3 months i've been chasing this guy to make him see me but when he already hooked up to me, no couple tau. but as if he cant stop messaging me and stuff, i feel bored. like SERIOUSLY bored.

i asked edelin's opinion about this and she said tell this to this guy la. but i feel confuse. how am i supposed to tell him la?

the confused girl,


edelin said...

ding ding ding!!!!aku suka post ni..sebab ada nama aku yg sangat sedap tu...hahahahahahaha..