Sunday, December 13, 2009


sorry ah agak lambat nak masukkan this post. it was 3 days before i went off to kuantan to retake my paper kan. lepas tu balik kuantan jadik badak kejap so now baru ada initiative nak buat this post. hahaha. badak! badak! hahahaha! ok.

anywhow,this picnic was organized by edelin (yang datang paling lambat that day) HAHAHAHAH. there was me,zarith and reen seperti biasa la. but edelin called up to invite some new people. rhaudah,her beau,ajim, and these 3 SBU guys, afiq,taufiq and him bob la. on that day, tengok ah sape sampai dulu, these 2 gorgeous ladies, me and zarith. and followed by reen,the guys,edelin and raudhah and ajim. reen kene take me in front of the isetan when she arrived sebab die takut nak parking. +_+" hahahahahahaha! lawak2. that minggu serious everyday hujan but lucky for us,that day was mendung but tak hujan langsung. renyai kejap je. so we ended up beli KFC and reen brought some of her famous brownies and apple pie. ( pie kan?)

confuse jap....

anyway,we went on and on talking,laughing like hell and bullying each other but sadly me and zarith kena balik awal. and at the same time, izzat was in KLCC. so we went home leaving behind all of them but before balik,me and zarith along with izzat went to assam pedas in setiawangsa just to grab a quick drink.

after that,tido ah. penat kot. and went on to baca my law books. cheh.