Wednesday, December 9, 2009


well,about a month ago i went to hanoi,vietnam. :) it was a nice trip but not one of my favourite places on earth if u ask me. i prefer bangkok. seriously. anyhow,i went there 4 days and 3 nights. went there by MAS. delicious food of course and about 4 hours of flight,sampai la.

the first day,we went to checked in our hotel. and after freshing up,we went to our dinner. sebab in vietnam,it's quite awal tau d sun goes down..and of course,it early winter they called it. had a lovely and nice dinner and after that SHOPPING!!!! hahahaha. serious. best sial. but barang kat sana agak mahal because they use US dollar tau..which is 4 times mahal from our ringgit.

the next day i went SHOPPING again! hahaha. puas hati dowh. and we ate and ate. makanan sangat susah nak carik halal we ended up carik this halal malay food that is located kat tengah tengah city of hanoi. the owner is a malaysian. he got married to this Vietnamese chick and got settled in hanoi and he opened up a halal restaurant. cool eyh? and we went to this water puppet show. i cant explain much but it is originated when vietnam had some banjir issues once upon a this is the way they enlighten themselves.

the third day was my favourite. after breakfast, we checked out our hotel to go to Halong bay. halong bay in vietnamese means..something about a dragon releasing her pearls. making the locals to have something to make them have food on the table and stuff. sorry,bad memory. haha.

bla bla bla. the only thing which is best to do in hanoi is to take the boat ride in halong bay. but if ur a chick and ur alone or even 3 in a group, do not take the sleep on the boat ride because sometimes the captain of the ship will go drunk and go into your room. REMEMBER,he is the he will have your room keys u know. weh, ni serious tau. anyway, if i was to compare hanoi and bangkok,i'll prefer bangkok. because hanoi which is located in vietnam uses US dollar. so if u wanna buy stuff from there it is quite expensive la. but if u wanna go there, MAKE sure you have vietnam dong. it is a LOT cheaper if you buy their stuff in Dong. dong is their currency la.

so i ahd fun. up there is a few pictures i managed to take. hope u like it. more in my fisheye camera which is gorgeous. i will scan it SOMEDAY. :D bye2!!