Friday, December 25, 2009

voila! ♥

yesterday was a freaking penat day dowh. from 7am people kept on calling me to ask me about the result. some people asking for the uitm's number. pergh. penat ok?

so being me, when i'm happy when i wake up, the whole day i'll be in my best mood but if terbalik,my mood serious sucks one whole day. do not membebel infront of me if i just woke up ok? i'll be sucky all day. seriously. so what happened yesterday made me a bit moody the whole day. the last night before yesterday,i didnt sleep until it was 5am and people woke me up at 7am. so it made me a lil grumpy. and i fell asleep back at 10am and kene teman my mom to go somewhere at 1pm. so i kene wake up at 11.30 because sumpah i siap lame. and bla bla bla, i got home at 4 something hoping that i could sleep but maybe i was too tired to sleep..i called shiqin instead to meet up sebab i promise her that i would belanja her la. and she said ok.

about 30minutes later, i went to her house and took her to jusco and belanja her some pizza and we went to look for some clothes. patut nya nak beli something else for my fisheye but didnt sebab baju dalam kedai tu lawa. hahahaha. and tetibe my mom asked me to hantar my nephew to his tuition. so ended up after buying some clothes,didnt have the time to buy my fisheye album..trus lari ke kereta and took my nephew and took off.

and after that we continued our day...pegi nz plak! hahahaha. yeah. we ate alot. :D and izzat came along. we took him from his house. and bler dah sampai, sangat awkward. haih..pape la.

and kitorang hantar mamat tu balik and we talked and talked and shiqin lepak my house kejap tengok my fisheye's photos..kene paksa. hahahahaha. and i hantar die balik.

happy. :)

the moral of the story- bawak adik anda berjalan2 jangan bawak kawan anda yang ada history sekali..nnt awkward. tima kasih. :D