Thursday, May 28, 2009

my sister's birthday

yeehaaa!! went to La Risata,an Italian restaurant in ampang. to celebrate my third sister,kak nita's birthday. i ended up with lamb chop which is so excellent and i was starving until i forgot to take the picture. sorry. haha. but did take some pictures along the way. and after we had dinner,just the four of us,me,my mom,kak owi and kak nita,we went to my first sister's house to celebrate with her as well. all the potong potong cake ritual was held there. wuhu. chocolate ice cream cake. after a while i didnt eat this kind of was AWESOME. haha. love this is the pictures...

my sister blowing the candles and wishing

my naughty nephew,haikal

the birthday girl with my mom

the four fantastic ladies. :D

kak owi and mak

me and niece. we have the same hair. hahaha

this is my other nephew..serious gler. haha. beside him is my sister..his mama


why pussycatdolls tak singgah ini malaysia??

yeah2..i know dorang dah datang malaysia people..i went la.

but serious..kenapa click 5 datang 3 kali?

orang tak bising pun?

happy je sume orang...

NNNOOOOO...meh datang kl nicole,kimberly,ashley,melody and jessica..dok umah aku meh.
aku hidang sambal belacan..pergh.

(nicole mesti suka..weeeeee)

owh..lupa nak cakap i love u kat kyle..tadi dia datang my house..siap minum teh ngan kuih seri muka..favourite hubby aku..i love u kyle sayang. :D

aku rase aku gler sebab lama sangat depan computer..apa pendapat anda?

i just knew that BARCA stands for Barcelona ke?


so what..kiss my butt

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


weh, i though CHIN PENG died.

after all the killings..he's still alive?

damn..and all our goverment can say is just that-we would not allow his return because it will offend the families of victims killed by CHIN PENG? apekah? u should tell them off-CHIN PENG was a cannibal and the most *&^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$#@ asshole ever live and shut up u, (*&^%$#$%^&*() pembangkang..u dont know what is like to see ur own family die infront of u with all the intestines came out from their bodies and all the blood.

why i'm getting emotional,is because he killed our families. and because of the racist issues in our country is not gonna solve any soon,you think u can ask his help or his advice on how to kill malay lagi? he's old and the death is gonna pick him up la..really soon. i bet he cant even barely speak. pergi mampus ah ko.

dont do this malaysia. we dont need him in our country. let him die in thailand.


american idol

aahh. i rarely see this show because campus..the tv room is downstair and nak pergi bawah sangat la malas kan. huhu. but i know that particular red hair lady and adam lambert exist la. and both was my favourite. love adam lambert. but 2 things why i cant marry him

1.he's particular interest in girls
2.he's in america..which is a country i think i'll go when i'm much 30 something and he's like 40 something.

aahhh..hate that. whatever. anyhow. even though my not-going-to-be husband didnt win,at least he gets the second place with pride not like our own akademi fantasia winner,what's d name again? whatever..he won the second place after he went back in the show. god..that is so plastic. at least america knows how to please the people and how to act as though it is all not planned ahead. cheh..


please la dont go and do akademi fantasia 8..sangat membuang masa.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

blogger's hobby is to blog

ok. nothing happened today..but i did go to jusco wangsa maju. carik my sister her present because 27th is her bday. happy birthday kak nita! wuhu.

after that main ujan sbb nak bayar parking kete..sampai skang aku tak faham nape aku tak tunggu kak owi sampai bawah bumbung tuh..aku main lari je. maybe sebab mase tu aku tengah bengang. tak pike panjang..ahh..sangat bangang. ticket machine rosak lah plak..dah ade jakun gune..mane tak rosak..membengangkan aku lagi.

pastu g bank around ampang point tu. bukan aku nak wat pape pun. kakak aku nak wat hal bank jap. lepas tu baru balik. aahhh..penat.

yes! i said penat..because selama ni mmg dok kat kusi yang aku dok ni and online 24 jam. so..bler angkat buntut and mengguna khidmat kaki,penat ah. bengang lak tu. nape bengang?

sukati aku ah


i'm sorry

i was waiting for my friend,zarith to reply my wall kat facebook when suddenly i received an email from my bestfriend which i didnt contact since the last day in campus for semester 2.

an email that really slap me in the a good way and really i'm touched and now i realize how much i hurted her before the holidays and until today..i just knew it. because of one guy,we started to ganjak ganjak a lil bit and made me more rapat'er with my other mates. and somehow i started to tell secrets and gossips to them because she wasnt there and some of the secrets..well..i think will hurt her somehow. but because of my stupidity,i didnt realize that when she'll find'll make her hurt more.

i hate myself for that.

friends..always there to lift u up,to give u support and we dont share each other's darling but the number three rule..i was the one the broke it.

and the worst part is,i did deny the facts straight to her face.

i just want u to know,my friend,how much i cried when i read ur email just now. i cried and cried and i never cried like that before..full of guilt and the embarassment i need to carry..

i'm really sorry and i dont know how to make u know i'm saying this with my whole heart.

i'm truly am sorry..

Monday, May 25, 2009

positive thinking for better brains

from now on..i will think positive about the issue of me and the other seniors that needs to go out from the campus for the 'lil' ones to stay in the campus.

for now..what i can think of is that there will be no curfew for us because we will live outside the campus and now what i'm going to do is just that there will be a swimming pool for each house and a 24/7 mamak stall behind our houses so we can POINT AND LAUGH to the juniors

but what if there is NO swimming pool and mamak?


or what the heck...jom korek lubang in the front yard and put some water in it..dip our feet in it and still do the POINT AND LAUGH thing'y?

still..ANNE..HELP US..

family outing!! love it!

on the way to pavillion from suzy's corner

bukit bintang view from the ice cream shop

before i ate it


me and kak owi in the cinema

mak and kak nita
went out for a family outing a day before yesterday. best sangat. because of my result,my family took me to suzy's corner in ampang and had some steak there. sedap sangat. :D and after that we went to pavillion and catched a movie..night at the museum but we were too early,we were there at 10 something and the movie was supposed to start at 12.30am. midnight show. :D so,we went to the the ice cream place infront of pavillion..lecka lecka is it? i cant remember how to spell it. hahaahahaha. sorry people. but the place was brilliant. it's so beautiful. the sofa,the nice ice cream and the open air kidda desert restaurant,love it. i picked pistachio for my ice cream. :D my favourite!

after all the ice cream,we went back and went to see the movie. well,i can give 3 outta 5 for this movie. somehow,me and my sisters were impressed with the first one better. the jokes are simple. kidda jokes that i can provide from another movie. but i love it somehow. haha.

about 2am like that,we were headed home. i was driving my sister's car for the second time in my life which for me it's like suicidal because it was so scary. haha. i hate driving other cars other than my own. haha.

it was nice. i love my family so damn much. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

stupid things

last semester we were 'kedepek' with the news about the separations with the guys and we got thru it rather smoothly and no one failed any assignments and did really quite well in last exam.

but somehow this semester is going to be a 'lotta' fun because maybe the seniors need to carry their asses and go somewhere else for the huge numbers of juniors..yang lebeh kurang 400. like what the hell people? we are the seniors. we have another 1 semester left and this is the time to shine. to have the classes more dekat and yada2. but the problem it worth it to give our beloved houses and rooms to the juniors? one of my friend which somehow tau this junior which will be our junior nanti..she asked the are we(the seniors) going to stay then? and he answered proudly..dalam jamban sudey.

like serious la people..dun act cool about this la. we have so much memories in this place and sebelum we end it we already thrown out? nice. some people would say..ala..never mind la..yada2 but actually they just dont have the sweet memories that I had. like some poeple do.

argh. seriously,i hate this. and i hope u guys would agree with me.

Friday, May 22, 2009

love story by taylor swift-best performance. :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009



this is why i hate love.

I hate you since the first time we met
For it marked our inadvertent fate
For coming into my life so suddenly
And invading my thoughts since that fateful day

I hate you for smiling at me time and again
For it made my heart smile back deep within
For the way you stare at me in deliberation
Driving my thoughts crazy with anticipation

I hate you for sending me SMS from time to time
For it made me remember you for a lifetime
For giving me countless missed calls everyday
Reminding me of your presence needlessly

I hate you for always spending your time with me
For it made me appreciate your company
For always being there when I need consolation
Helping me realize you’re someone I can lean on

But most of all, I hate you so much
For loving me forcibly without a hunch
For making me say I hate you, with charms all pure
Because the truth is…I’m just learning to love you more and more

old times

omg..this picture!! (sorry edelin aku ambek..:D)\

ahh..i think it's like when we're in form3 isnt it? edelin's birthday party at eden's. aww..i miss this time of my life. have good class 3A was the paling gempak class ever. and the club-crazieycrewz. aaww..good times. :) and..

yeah..this is the time that i discover how to do the


haha..kan zarith kan? hahhaahahaha.

love u guys till death.

crazieycrewz forever.


thank u so much!!

i was just going thru with the photos i bought from amir,the photographer from the farewell tesl'ian dinner. and there's this one picture i really truly am happy with it. :) really. seriously. i love that picture. thanks amir!!

ngeh ngeh!

my hope is beginning to bloom again.


the result


i think for the last semester i feel i did my best and i'm proud to say that i love my result for the last semester.

given a HUG AND KISSES by think it's ok la kot. :D's ur result going?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

jeng jeng!!


so the biawak depan my campus,dekat malacca's rivers semua tu..actually how they kill their victims is by their saliva..scary sial..

lick lick..mati..

shitto..beware people..the news is real...dapat from yahoo.


poyo announcement

me,myself and i

declare that for now onwards..

i will not wait for him anymore.

i have a life..

i have my lovely family

my gorgeous friends

and millions of guys out there

so,be it.

ko ingat ko bagus sangat? well,we'll see about that.


skinny dipping

hey. omg..this was i think about a month ago. before the exam isnt it?

i went with my friends to rumah sha. iqa,ida and hanan was there. went there with kakak sha's car. thanks akak. :) one at home. kakak sha went out after letting us down. and mak sha went out as well. so,after a quick lunch,we went to the beach. rumah sha depan je beach ok?? best sangat!! :( went there..mandi manda a bit and kitorang jumpe dis part yang banyak shell yang ade crab in it tu..i cant remember the name for it,,,whatever. kutip2 and we lepas balik. me and hanan was addicted to cushing down all the oysters on the rocks and gave the little fishy the osyters. best sangat. after that, all the five of us,sha,me,iqa,hanan and ida bawak duit about 25 bucks..ida lost her 2 bucks in the ocean. haha. so..cukup2 for the ABC and some keropok lekor..sebab we anggar la..bout 3 bucks the ABC and the keropok we mintak for 5 bucks worth. but suddenly dapat tau the ABC harga rm1.50 jerrrr. hahaha. so,kitorang lapar..mintak la keropok lekor lagi. HAHA.

went back to rumah sha..muka stok happy gler but sedih sebab tanned a lil. haha. sorry didnt have the chance to tangkap gambar kitorang mandi..nak letak handphone kat mane right? haha. just a few pictures of us..but the other tak pakai i think it's a unappropriate to put their pictures in it. ok? hope u guys can understand. :)

love it!

miss reen and me


sorry for the lateness of this entry

went out with fazrina and aiman for a day. which i cant remember..ehhe. but we met up kat klcc. i'm with the lrt as usual and aiman drove reen's car to klcc. from there we went to pavillion and had some carl's junior's tit bits. i had the shake. sedap2. :D and reen ordered some chilli beef fries. had some nice time talking and talking but they had to leave early because they have class that afternoon. but ade je time nak tangkap gambar kat toilet. pity aiman..he's a takleh masuk. hahaha. but love u both for that evening. muah2!! love u reen! :D

me zarith and lil one,syikin. :D

yes. the three of us again.

haha. love it la when three of us kuar but sadly this time no stupid pictures. huhu. i dont know why but zarith love to invite me out when i will just arrived at my house from klcc with my family. dah dua kali zarith. haha. went to shopping and syikin bought me a's a shoe right zarith? apetah name die..selipar? no2..anyway,thanks syikin!! muah2!! :D love it! after that we hunted for some beverages from starbucks. best2. :D pastu zarith's mom soh beli daun sup and daun bawang. ehehe. the problem is..i know what is daun bawang..daun sup confuse sket..but HELO..zarith..u didnt know both. syikin lak hilang mane tah..haha. suddenly jumpe our junior cbn,aishah parkes and thank god die ade maid yang tau which one is daun sup or zarith will end up beli daun...lain. hahahaaha.

after jusco trip,beli burger for zarith's boy,aliff. and syikin dok dalam kete..and zarith tunggu the burger..syikin senyap2 pergi blakang zarith and took her picture tgh tunggu..haha. i want to masuk in my blog but i dont want my friendship with zarith pupus. ok? haha. but i love that picture kan penolong abang burger? hahaahahaha..tak cukup..ahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaah. so..went to MINDEF to make that special delivery to aliff.

went home after that. penat gler. :D but i love that day. thanks!


just an outing

hey. sorry didnt have d chance to update my blog with my life stories.

what happened was,yesterday when i was still sleeping,suddenly someone called and it was ashrul and he asked me to come to klcc because ash,aiman,ifwat and izwar was there. i was like..nak2!! nak ikut! so..i went downstairs to tell my mom to send me to lrt..took me bout an hour to get ready..yea people..i am a girl?

an hour later...

met them infront of dome..huggy moments and was introduced with ifwat's ex. :D,fatin. so,we were d only girls yesterday. but it was fun. we ended up makan lunch kat burger king..and i didnt eat anything. malas..ceh..ptuih. hahah. anyway..after that pergi ke pavillion and karaoke. haha. met med there. and kitorang pun nyanyi la like a bunch of crazy people. haha. sang some famous songs just dance and poker face..p-p-p-poker face! ngeh ngeh. from 3pm until 6pm ok?? penat gler. haha. after to klcc back. all of us balik with lrt putra. ashrul took the other way and all of us naik the other way. i went down at jelatek,the guys turun kat setiawangsa and fatin kat wangsa maju.


aiman took me from my house. and bawak pergi rumah die and tunggu die makan jap. and off we went to take fatin kat setiawangsa lrt station. we went to the kl central to send off izwar and ifwat for they have this road trip from kelantan to kl and from kl to ipoh(rumah akmal) and back to kelantan. best ok jadik guys..u guys can do anything. girls..cheh..mmg hancur harapan. huhu. so,after saying goodbye to them balik la hantar fatin pergi rumah die kat wangsa maju. and hantar me balik lak. so..yeah..have fun yesterday actually. huhu! thanks u guys!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

rhythm of unity concert

hey u guys,hujan will be performing along with estranged and one buck short and not forgetting the indonesian's bands-letto and slank at bukit jalil this 23rd may. come la. u can get the ticket for rm55 in or call this number +603 77 11 5000

let's unite!

sakit la

i'm sick. i'm tired. help?

angels and demons


i love this movie. went with mom and my sister. cool eyh my mom? haha. love her for that. anyway..even though..

i didnt see tom hanks' butt in this one but it was a WOW movie ok? i love it!!

(but i would love to see his butt..owh..shut up sab..i AM not a pervert..)

yet..butt.....(i'm using this for 'tetapi' now..i know my english)

haha..well..i would love to see ewan's butt.


i'm serious crazy la today butt.........(yes..i know i'm supposed to say 'and' but ladies and gentlemen..THIS IS MY BLOG.) i'm currently waiting for my pizza to come..

where r u pizza man? save me from this hunger!! :D

sabrina butt lover

Friday, May 15, 2009

here's the thing

well..i am a cam whore and why i took this picture is because i'm so in love. seriously!! if i have the guts,i will say ur name here and confess to your face!! but here's the thing..i'm not ready to take the rejection if there is one. from my friends' advices,i should shut up and go with the flow..but the question is..until when la? i love u la dot dot dot!! sangat sangat!! hahahaha! are you blind??

here's to my readers.. what should i do?

give me guidance...:( give me some comments..tell me what to do..


Thursday, May 14, 2009

dear edelin..again


aku nak vote lah gler but ur stupid layout menghilangkan the part bahagian nak comment. and yes..i love ur new layout. haish..rugi satu post aku. hahahahaahah. yeah..i cant message u BECAUSE i dont know ur phone is like still wujud ke tak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u never call..u never msg me!!

well.u say u want to hate me??

well..i hate u too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still..i do miss u..u...stupid biatch of mine.


p/s: see..even our picture was taken last year..that's how long i didnt see u...sob sobAlign Centre

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

untuk awak la

Say OK lyrics
Songwriters: Birgisson, Arnthor; Kotecha, Savan; You are fine, you are sweet
Fine, I'm still a bit naive with my heart
When you're close, I don't breathe
I can't find the words to speak and I feel sparks

But I don't wanna be into you
If you're not looking for true love
No, I don't wanna start seeing you
If I can't be your only one, so tell me

When it's not alright, when it's not ok
Will you try to make me feel better?
Will you say alright? Will you say ok?
Will you stick with me through whatever
Or run away?

Say that it's gonna be alright
That it's gonna be ok

When you call I don't know
If I should pick up the phone every time
I'm not like all my friends
Who keep calling up the boys, I'm so shy

But I don't wanna be into you
If you don't treat me the right way
See, I can only start seeing you
If you can make my heart feel safe
Feel safe!

When it's not alright, when it's not ok
Will you try to make me feel better?
Will you say alright? Will you say ok?
Will you stick with me through whatever
Or run away?

Say that it's gonna be alright
That it's gonna be ok
Don't run away, don't run away

Let me know if it's gon' be you
Boy, you got some things to prove
Let me know that you'll keep me safe
I don't want you to run away

So let me know that you'll call on time
Let me know that you'll help me shine
Will you wipe my tears away?
Will you hold me closer?

When it's not alright, when it's not ok
Will you try to make me feel better
Will you say alright? Will you say ok?
Will you stick with me through whatever
Or run away?

Say that it's gon' be alright
That it's gon' be ok
Don't run away

Say that it's gon' be alright
That it's gon' be ok, don't run away
Will you say ok?

Say that it's gon' be alright
That it's gon' be ok, don't run away
Will you say ok?

dear tesl'ians..

hey u guys.
we've been thru together banyak together kan..from the torture service from jengka until the dinner korang.

we will miss u guys so much..especially yang rapat with me..and ESPECIALLY my housemates..

wawa,as and qila.

hope korang happy dok ngan kitorang..sorang2 gler dalam rumah tu. :D cause for us,korang sangat best. hope to see korang soon. datang kuantan!!

love u guys!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


dear cbn'er!!
today..i,puteri sabrina bt zamri discovered that...


i want one..but i'm not sure mane nak or any cbn'ers yang tau where to find it,post a comment please!!


new video in youtube

hey people

if ur name is ida,iqa,fadli,hanan..please see the video..

try dis link(click on the word-link)

i love u guys...dont kill me. hahahaha!!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

the painful feeling

i have lots of reasons to give up but still i'm here waiting and waiting..
and i asked myself

until when?

6 months

i've been in love in you for 6 months dah. :D



"M" is for the million things she gave me,
"O" means only that she's growing old,
"T" is for the tears she shed to save me,
"H" is for her heart of purest gold;
"E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
"R" means right, and right she'll always be,
Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER,"
A word that means the world to me.

home sweet home!! :D


in kl already. aahhh..penat sangat. drove until gambang. bout 1 hour from kuantan pastu tukar driver sister. that time demam. haha. so..when i drove just now,i open up my handphone's songs and sing loudly so i dont make anyone die. haha.

so..before tolak tadi..angkat barang yang sangat banyak..i dont know how the things leh travel to kuantan when i started the second sem...pergh..banyak sial. haha. the malu part was..while i was carrying my bantal..yang..hoish..buruk..i bumped into some classmates of mine. malu sial...haha. deng. i am..writing a blog. while my sisters are cooking some delicious meals for my mom because of the mother's day.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

i hate back stabbers

the title said it all.

kenapa? terasa ke?

gi mati.

Friday, May 8, 2009

tragedy on the 8th of april 2009

woah...**** you.

i went to the mall with ida and sara.'s the thing,today was like jumaat la kan,so,guys should be in the masjid doing their friday prayers but one pakcik taxi nie available. no comment here la. even though die malay kan?


so..we jump into the car and asked him to wait kejap because hanan nak hantar her bag naik atas jap (from kl) but NO..he drove off and he lectured us about dicipline and all kinds of bullshit until..WE BURST. weh..sape tak..mulut cam cibai..pakcik tu la. blah2..until one point..he said BURIT to us..weh..kitorang 3 budak 19 tahun kot..ko bape? 60 tahun? ko nak mati dah la..wat la baik sket ngan orang..

kubur dah panggil kot... mega..yes..walaupun die cakap burit..and i said the suicidal ayat of all time-"that's why we're in university"..the pakcik stills hantar kitorang sampai megamall.. TIMA KASIH PAKCIK!!! pakcik tak sembahyang jumaat ke pakcik??

kubur dah panggil dah..

but the ending was..kesian ida la..die kejar kitorang..more towards ida la..mintak duit..hoish..sara ngan baik nyer dah letak kat the passenger seat infront dah bodoih...pastu die mintak jugak duit..because that time camne tah ade duit rm10 dalam tangan ida..die masuk kete..realize THERE was a rm10 note there..he drove off. SIALAN.

so..BEWARE..jangan naik teksi number plat~

CBE 6457

tesl's graduate dinner XD