Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i'm sorry

i was waiting for my friend,zarith to reply my wall kat facebook when suddenly i received an email from my bestfriend which i didnt contact since the last day in campus for semester 2.

an email that really slap me in the a good way and really i'm touched and now i realize how much i hurted her before the holidays and until today..i just knew it. because of one guy,we started to ganjak ganjak a lil bit and made me more rapat'er with my other mates. and somehow i started to tell secrets and gossips to them because she wasnt there and some of the secrets..well..i think will hurt her somehow. but because of my stupidity,i didnt realize that when she'll find'll make her hurt more.

i hate myself for that.

friends..always there to lift u up,to give u support and we dont share each other's darling but the number three rule..i was the one the broke it.

and the worst part is,i did deny the facts straight to her face.

i just want u to know,my friend,how much i cried when i read ur email just now. i cried and cried and i never cried like that before..full of guilt and the embarassment i need to carry..

i'm really sorry and i dont know how to make u know i'm saying this with my whole heart.

i'm truly am sorry..