Friday, May 15, 2009

here's the thing

well..i am a cam whore and why i took this picture is because i'm so in love. seriously!! if i have the guts,i will say ur name here and confess to your face!! but here's the thing..i'm not ready to take the rejection if there is one. from my friends' advices,i should shut up and go with the flow..but the question is..until when la? i love u la dot dot dot!! sangat sangat!! hahahaha! are you blind??

here's to my readers.. what should i do?

give me guidance...:( give me some comments..tell me what to do..



Men from Elysian Fields said...

a word of an advice

"action speaks louder than voice(or at least a blog post)"

sabrina said...

i'm damn penat la zat!!!
owh yeah kan..u know who's the guy...
blog post...i think until habis sem 3 kot..then i put on my blog..lip lap lip lap ngan glitter skali!