Monday, May 4, 2009

sudah sab sudah

yes! i know..this is my third post for today

eyh..mampus ah..aku nyer blog..

nway,going back to kuantan tomorrow because i have the stupid MUET exam lusa which some of my friends kene buat esok. muahaha. goodluck u guys. at least i have one more day to relax and...POINT AND LAUGH. haha. no worries..u can do the same lusa. point is..for this post that MUET sucks but..

my post cam babi kuang ajar kan?

cheh..mampus ah..aku nyer blog..

tah..saye sebenarnya taktau nak cakap ape but my fingers are gatal la..what to do?

maybe i'm nervous kot MUET lagi 2 hari. cheh..

drug dealer: weed miss?
aku:for freeeeeee??? ( cite the bedtime stories)
drug dealer:no..u need to pay for it maaann.
aku:taknak. babi..lebaik aku tanam sendiri.
drug dealer:g mati ah
aku:taknak..aku taknak mati lagi..go kaco orang lain
drug dealer:no maaannn..i will not..ur so pretty..marry me?
aku:taknak. ko buruk.

that's my dream conversation with a black dude which wears a hat like the guy that sang 'dont happy' song. hurm..i AM bored.