Sunday, May 24, 2009

stupid things

last semester we were 'kedepek' with the news about the separations with the guys and we got thru it rather smoothly and no one failed any assignments and did really quite well in last exam.

but somehow this semester is going to be a 'lotta' fun because maybe the seniors need to carry their asses and go somewhere else for the huge numbers of juniors..yang lebeh kurang 400. like what the hell people? we are the seniors. we have another 1 semester left and this is the time to shine. to have the classes more dekat and yada2. but the problem it worth it to give our beloved houses and rooms to the juniors? one of my friend which somehow tau this junior which will be our junior nanti..she asked the are we(the seniors) going to stay then? and he answered proudly..dalam jamban sudey.

like serious la people..dun act cool about this la. we have so much memories in this place and sebelum we end it we already thrown out? nice. some people would say..ala..never mind la..yada2 but actually they just dont have the sweet memories that I had. like some poeple do.

argh. seriously,i hate this. and i hope u guys would agree with me.