Monday, May 25, 2009

family outing!! love it!

on the way to pavillion from suzy's corner

bukit bintang view from the ice cream shop

before i ate it


me and kak owi in the cinema

mak and kak nita
went out for a family outing a day before yesterday. best sangat. because of my result,my family took me to suzy's corner in ampang and had some steak there. sedap sangat. :D and after that we went to pavillion and catched a movie..night at the museum but we were too early,we were there at 10 something and the movie was supposed to start at 12.30am. midnight show. :D so,we went to the the ice cream place infront of pavillion..lecka lecka is it? i cant remember how to spell it. hahaahahaha. sorry people. but the place was brilliant. it's so beautiful. the sofa,the nice ice cream and the open air kidda desert restaurant,love it. i picked pistachio for my ice cream. :D my favourite!

after all the ice cream,we went back and went to see the movie. well,i can give 3 outta 5 for this movie. somehow,me and my sisters were impressed with the first one better. the jokes are simple. kidda jokes that i can provide from another movie. but i love it somehow. haha.

about 2am like that,we were headed home. i was driving my sister's car for the second time in my life which for me it's like suicidal because it was so scary. haha. i hate driving other cars other than my own. haha.

it was nice. i love my family so damn much. :)