Wednesday, May 27, 2009

american idol

aahh. i rarely see this show because campus..the tv room is downstair and nak pergi bawah sangat la malas kan. huhu. but i know that particular red hair lady and adam lambert exist la. and both was my favourite. love adam lambert. but 2 things why i cant marry him

1.he's particular interest in girls
2.he's in america..which is a country i think i'll go when i'm much 30 something and he's like 40 something.

aahhh..hate that. whatever. anyhow. even though my not-going-to-be husband didnt win,at least he gets the second place with pride not like our own akademi fantasia winner,what's d name again? whatever..he won the second place after he went back in the show. god..that is so plastic. at least america knows how to please the people and how to act as though it is all not planned ahead. cheh..


please la dont go and do akademi fantasia 8..sangat membuang masa.