Thursday, May 28, 2009

my sister's birthday

yeehaaa!! went to La Risata,an Italian restaurant in ampang. to celebrate my third sister,kak nita's birthday. i ended up with lamb chop which is so excellent and i was starving until i forgot to take the picture. sorry. haha. but did take some pictures along the way. and after we had dinner,just the four of us,me,my mom,kak owi and kak nita,we went to my first sister's house to celebrate with her as well. all the potong potong cake ritual was held there. wuhu. chocolate ice cream cake. after a while i didnt eat this kind of was AWESOME. haha. love this is the pictures...

my sister blowing the candles and wishing

my naughty nephew,haikal

the birthday girl with my mom

the four fantastic ladies. :D

kak owi and mak

me and niece. we have the same hair. hahaha

this is my other nephew..serious gler. haha. beside him is my sister..his mama