Wednesday, May 20, 2009

me zarith and lil one,syikin. :D

yes. the three of us again.

haha. love it la when three of us kuar but sadly this time no stupid pictures. huhu. i dont know why but zarith love to invite me out when i will just arrived at my house from klcc with my family. dah dua kali zarith. haha. went to shopping and syikin bought me a's a shoe right zarith? apetah name die..selipar? no2..anyway,thanks syikin!! muah2!! :D love it! after that we hunted for some beverages from starbucks. best2. :D pastu zarith's mom soh beli daun sup and daun bawang. ehehe. the problem is..i know what is daun bawang..daun sup confuse sket..but HELO..zarith..u didnt know both. syikin lak hilang mane tah..haha. suddenly jumpe our junior cbn,aishah parkes and thank god die ade maid yang tau which one is daun sup or zarith will end up beli daun...lain. hahahaaha.

after jusco trip,beli burger for zarith's boy,aliff. and syikin dok dalam kete..and zarith tunggu the burger..syikin senyap2 pergi blakang zarith and took her picture tgh tunggu..haha. i want to masuk in my blog but i dont want my friendship with zarith pupus. ok? haha. but i love that picture kan penolong abang burger? hahaahahaha..tak cukup..ahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaah. so..went to MINDEF to make that special delivery to aliff.

went home after that. penat gler. :D but i love that day. thanks!



zarith s said...

haha i love you puteri sabrina! :)

and thank you for not posting the pic!

anddd.... so what i tatau daun2 tu semua? hahahahahaha :P loveyou

sabrina said...

yes..if kite shopping for daun..we mintak my maid to come along.
haha. sbb after this maybe tak terserempak with aishah dah