Wednesday, May 20, 2009

skinny dipping

hey. omg..this was i think about a month ago. before the exam isnt it?

i went with my friends to rumah sha. iqa,ida and hanan was there. went there with kakak sha's car. thanks akak. :) one at home. kakak sha went out after letting us down. and mak sha went out as well. so,after a quick lunch,we went to the beach. rumah sha depan je beach ok?? best sangat!! :( went there..mandi manda a bit and kitorang jumpe dis part yang banyak shell yang ade crab in it tu..i cant remember the name for it,,,whatever. kutip2 and we lepas balik. me and hanan was addicted to cushing down all the oysters on the rocks and gave the little fishy the osyters. best sangat. after that, all the five of us,sha,me,iqa,hanan and ida bawak duit about 25 bucks..ida lost her 2 bucks in the ocean. haha. so..cukup2 for the ABC and some keropok lekor..sebab we anggar la..bout 3 bucks the ABC and the keropok we mintak for 5 bucks worth. but suddenly dapat tau the ABC harga rm1.50 jerrrr. hahaha. so,kitorang lapar..mintak la keropok lekor lagi. HAHA.

went back to rumah sha..muka stok happy gler but sedih sebab tanned a lil. haha. sorry didnt have the chance to tangkap gambar kitorang mandi..nak letak handphone kat mane right? haha. just a few pictures of us..but the other tak pakai i think it's a unappropriate to put their pictures in it. ok? hope u guys can understand. :)

love it!