Wednesday, May 20, 2009

just an outing

hey. sorry didnt have d chance to update my blog with my life stories.

what happened was,yesterday when i was still sleeping,suddenly someone called and it was ashrul and he asked me to come to klcc because ash,aiman,ifwat and izwar was there. i was like..nak2!! nak ikut! so..i went downstairs to tell my mom to send me to lrt..took me bout an hour to get ready..yea people..i am a girl?

an hour later...

met them infront of dome..huggy moments and was introduced with ifwat's ex. :D,fatin. so,we were d only girls yesterday. but it was fun. we ended up makan lunch kat burger king..and i didnt eat anything. malas..ceh..ptuih. hahah. anyway..after that pergi ke pavillion and karaoke. haha. met med there. and kitorang pun nyanyi la like a bunch of crazy people. haha. sang some famous songs just dance and poker face..p-p-p-poker face! ngeh ngeh. from 3pm until 6pm ok?? penat gler. haha. after to klcc back. all of us balik with lrt putra. ashrul took the other way and all of us naik the other way. i went down at jelatek,the guys turun kat setiawangsa and fatin kat wangsa maju.


aiman took me from my house. and bawak pergi rumah die and tunggu die makan jap. and off we went to take fatin kat setiawangsa lrt station. we went to the kl central to send off izwar and ifwat for they have this road trip from kelantan to kl and from kl to ipoh(rumah akmal) and back to kelantan. best ok jadik guys..u guys can do anything. girls..cheh..mmg hancur harapan. huhu. so,after saying goodbye to them balik la hantar fatin pergi rumah die kat wangsa maju. and hantar me balik lak. so..yeah..have fun yesterday actually. huhu! thanks u guys!