Thursday, April 30, 2009

jangan tegur

ok..seriously..the story wasnt that bad. it was scary if u ask me. went with my eldest sister,kak dudi. best sangat! went there,beli the tickets and went to sushi king to have sushi to fill our stomach. cite was like scary like hell. mule2 dah ade can imagine how terrified i was..scary..skang dok sorang2 blogging ni pun dah takut..:( orite..need to go to sleep,esok nak teman my other sister,kak owi..wanna show her omputih workmate,what is MALAYSIA. tata.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

omg..i saw hugh jackman's butt!! :D

omg!! seeing hugh jackman's butt all the way in the middle of the movie..what more can u ask? so,today,went to klcc at 2pm. jumpe reen and her darling,aiman. then off we went to pavillion. lepak2..making me fatter..ate some chilli beef fries at carl's junior..some ice lemon tea and a mint oreo milkshake. nice. after that went back to klcc. tunggu my cousin,akmal to habis keje at 5pm. lepak2 kat klcc..dunno what to..pegi kinokuniya. bace life suck..anyway,my cousin called,and we ate(again) kat waffle stall kat foodcourt atas tu..then..i bought the ticket forrrrrrr....THE X-MEN ORIGIN!!! yes! i bought it! so..the ticket says~pukul 8.30pm. i have 3 hours pergi la nak ambek taxi with mycousin but tak jumpe satu pun...penat end up calling his sis to pick us got bout 2 more hours..that's when i caught in a traffic jammed. damn la..penat. so..sampai umah my mom was there waiting for me. went sister was waiting..went back out..sampai klcc..tgk movie. chow. haha..let me revise.

12.00am-baru bangun
1.00pm-tgh siap
2.30pm-sampai klcc
3.oo-sampai pavi
4.00-sampai klcc
5.20-my cousin habis keje
6.00-kejar taxi
6.30-masuk kete kak lily
7.30-tolak dari rumah my aunty
7.50-sampai rumah
8.00-keluar rumah
8.30-wayang bermula(this is when i saw hugh's huge butt) :D
10.30-sampai rumah my sis to pick up my mom
11.51-buat blog!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

stand back! psycho bitches!

nway,today agak pelik.
my friend asked me to keep a secret..but my other friend nak tau. and now she's like merajuk with me because i didnt tell her. it's like this tau. both of u guys sangat important. faham tak? i'm the one that can keep secret. for a long time. if nak sangat..i will ask for the permission but masalah nyer..what if when i ask that person,it will hurt him? sangat boring la sayang oi..i love both of u guys..but can we fight this battle when i'm healthy? now i'm feeling really sick. i cant think straight sume. please understand me la. i'm so f***ed up la..penat. i'm ill. understand that.


creating stupid stories

to the people that doesnt know anything but ur just plain bored,please for god sake jangan buat cite pasal orang lain.
1.dosa la bodo can ruin other people's friendship.
get it?
just **** off.


just now went to shah alam. on the way back,i was driving..suddenly ade dis huge lorry behind me dekat gler with my car's ass. and he flashlighted me. i was..WHAT???? kuang ajar..but suddenly betul2 lepas die flashlight..ade dis bukit'ish highway infront of us and he slowed down..sebab berat sangat kot..i was laughing like hell!!! hahaha
get it? he was...argh..
never mind..


Monday, April 27, 2009

dear edelin

hey babe. heard about it. we're here for u k? i can kick her balls for u..even if she's just imagining die ade.HAHA. love u,e.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


hey! went to muadzam yesterday to teman iqa ambek kete her twin to bring back to kuantan. so..i drove all the way. seriously. penat2..but it was fun like hell. tagging along was hanan. the combination between the three of us sangat sesuai la. haha. tiga2 psycho. haha. so..bler dah sampai kuantan..dah ade,went to east cost mall and bought some big apple..hanan nak. haha. pastu carik keropok lekor kat tanjung lumpur..i wanted some. huhu. then went to arked padang lalang to buy some dinner. terjumpe lak budak2 laki but they didnt see us. thank god. haha. after that pegi lak petronas to buy some nescafe because all three of us tau yang we didnt bace byk like the other housemates yang tak for stay up la. haha. after that baru balik..tido for one hour,,bangun balik and started to read..until 5am. bangun balik at 8am for the exam. huh..tiring day. at 2.30 lak naik bus and here i am..kuala lumpur..hehe.

al fatihah

hey. on the way back to kuala lumpur,heard a news about my friend's grandma passed away. i'm really sorry to hear that. kuatkan diri ko ok? aku tau susah weh. i lost my dad. and aku tau ko rapat ngan grandma ko. aku kat sini kalau ko nak cakap to someone. i can really understand. kalau ko bace blog ni,please ok? please tau yang aku always ade untuk cakap to. be strong. i cant say much. but just..kuatkan diri. ko leh nangis. let it out. talk to someone. aku ko kene cakap ngan someone k? be strong. aku kat sini weh.



Saturday, April 25, 2009


here i am,at the tv room in campus. waiting for my bus kol 2.30 nanti. for my self..i feel so good to go back this time because all the law subjects' exam paper finish dy. wow..for 2weeks..blaja like hell. didnt sleep until 5 in the morning. ade la main2..but d night before at least blaja like hell. patut nyer today i wanna go to bowling baru balik but the wish didnt come true. lepas exam felt like nak rehat je. in the bus nnt nak tido mati until kl. huhu. gonna meet my crazy old bestfrens nnt in kl...fazrina,zarith,edelin(maybe) and their spouses. haa..the hate part is that i dun have'll be alone la. nasib kenal hubby dorang. huhu. :D cant wait to see my mom and my sisters. and my frens of course. muah2. :) gonna miss peeps form kuantan lak nnt..haha.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i'm gonna wait.

i admit.

i'm 19. do not know anything about love.

but what am i gonna tell u guys it's from me,myself ok?

u know the feelings when we met a person,hate him so much,but suddenly changed when somehow u met him somewhere and u started talking? i felt that. and i'm currently feeling it. when u have butterflies in your stomach when u remember how he smiled at u a couple of days ago. or when ur smiling all by yourself when u read what he texted u a couple of weeks ago that u cant seem to delete? OR when u remember the jokes and funny faces he made. or how cute he looks when he's wearing anything. or how proud u are to know him better than anyone else? and jealous when people starts to know that he exist and pretend they love him. i'm different. i hate u. but when i started to know u,that's why i started to love u. not like the bitches that likes u because ur handsome. for me,ur not handsome but that's why i like u. ur imperfect. i love u because of who u really are towards me.

when i watched the movie-he's just not that into you,i felt that thing..when u want to give up hope because dis guy doesnt message u first or contact u in any way possible. but who the hell is the director? does he know about love that much?
for me,i myself is the director in my own love story. i know when to give up..when to hope. follow ur heart. not ur mom,not ur girlfriends and strangers that doesn't know how to spend their life,so,they create articles to know that a guy likes u or not and end up having results-he's not the one.

i am going to wait. just know that i actually exist. that's enough. just let me know it too.

it's five a clock in the morning.

why la babe?

here's the thing,when i'm bored..i'll be like dis..

put some sweet wrappers,paste it on my face and tada~a myspace picture

or in class..ask some people to take my picture

take my teddy bear..put my alarm clock by my side
take a picture and doze off

or take my crazy nephew,haikal or my chicky niece,icha
and take a stupid photo and when i miss them,this will be my
desktop's background :D

or take a picture of my feet and other people's
even i see it everyday

or just saying peace.


baju ape?

orite. because the date for the tesl'ian dinner already tukar and somehow i am going to be in kuantan dat time

here's when my brain starts to function and ask..
"what to wear??"

the susah part of being a UiTM student is that..any kind of party..seboleh2 not show ur:

ur whole arm..
ur whole leg
and not show ur cleavage. :D

dont get me wrong la. i still love being here. :)

but susah la..the theme is stripes and flower.
being a cool person..*ehem2
i think i'm just going to wear a white shirt..
skinny jeans
wear my flower earrings
buat sanggul and put my flower sepit.
aaawww..gler pompuan. chop..i am a girl..owh..yeah.

comel nyer....



wear my stripe shirt,skinny jeans,converse.
gler laki..cheh..i'm still a girl..damn..
date anyone? :p

he's just not that into u

hey! had my test tadi! bullshito is what i can say about it. studied until my brain was leaking and guess what..most of the questions never been into past years exams. sakit nyer ati. so end up we went to the movies. haha. actually wanted to main bowling but all the lanes was taken. so,tgk je la movie. omg..i love this movie!! was an ouch and wake up call for me kind of movie. haha. terase's like the director knows me or something and thinks how stupid i am and made a movie. haha. so..yeah..for me,girls should watch it. guys..beware. haha. love it. i give it 4 outta 5. muah2.

Monday, April 20, 2009


maybe i miss u too babe.
but u hurt me first.


it's 12.46am. i'm still not sleepy in any way. so..when to my friend's house..infront my house je. haha. and took her laptop..and dunno what to up tulis dis post. huh..the exam tadi was great. seriously. even though one of the chapter that i expected to come in the paper..none..wat penat je bace about love. huhu. but the knowledge about bising2 la. haha. love the chapter. but no one to share with. muahahaha. puas ati suddenly jadik poyo. so..end up jawab question bout aggression,line ups and yada yada. another 2 days,library skills and legal research..omg..i dunno how to do dis..tell u the truth..i never paid any attention in this class. seriously. from the first class untl the last one. huhu. so..i need to prepare tonite la. read and understand by myself. ingat ye budak budak..jangan ikut ape akak dah wat for the last few months back. cheh..benci la..i hope all the papers is going to be like tadi nyer paper la. best gler jawab. happy je bler anta. haha. so,goodluck la for u guys out there taking exams. chow!


goodluck people
two dah lepas
3 more to go
let's get crazy!

Friday, April 17, 2009

happy blogger

i'm tired of being depressed in my blog and stuff. sian my readers. sorry korang. been thru alot lately. so,yesterday,let's just say that i found my strength back and all the problems and stuff i threw it all to reen. thanks babe for catching it. :) so,i'm kidda free now. no more worries no more problems. when i wrote in my earlier post,i try to find the box for me to put all my problems in to. yeah, i finally found the box. :) so,whatever things people whould do or whatever people would say,i will just fire back or just be dumb. i wont take it seriously and think about it for days like i would do for a couple of months back. like damn it. what was i thinking? why did i get so sensitive and weak? whatever la. just throw it all away. got my box back. that's for sure. love my life. love myself. love my family. love my friends. love the readers. love all of u guys!! :X muah2.

yeah zarith. i practically stole dis picture because i'm damn jealous of it..
i miss u guys like hell tau tak!!
but takleh balik
damn it!
boleh balik on the 27th but going for a dinner on the 30th..
so cam tak worth it la if balik.
penat kot dok dalam bus for 4 hours
but i miss u guys la!!!
huhu..i hope u guys miss me too..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

nothing much

i cried like crap yesterday.
four in a morning.
maybe u guys should try it.
to release some tension.
come..let's do it together.
or,just dont make other people hope u'll be there k?.

Monday, April 13, 2009

the third person A.K.A the bitch

i hate it when i finally found a guy but there's a person in between me and the guy. please go away. dont mess with my fairy tale. dont end my dream to have a perfect happily ever after. just..go away. respect..your parents forgot to teach u that part is it?


Sunday, April 12, 2009

one hell of a day

gosh..i never felt like this..i'm really confuse. what's up with today? hurm..i cant tell u guys the details cause somehow the 3 people that contacted me today..were the ones that i never thought will like contact me..and all three of them likes to read my blog. it's just..i dont's not like I'm not appreciating it..but I'm confuse..why did u guys contacted me? why? three of u guys dah la the people yang penah buat i cry like hell..and one day..pop..hey sabrina..watcha doin'? like WHAT?? dunno how to say this but today is the weirdest day of my life. owh..make it four. for that someone yang just dapat online today but sadly i dapat contact..just left me a few offline msges. weird huh? hanan knows one of them though..not u baem..the other three of the people-that-i-never-knew-that-will-contact-me-back-someday. WOW..historic. really it is. now my mom is sleeping upstairs waiting for me to come up..wondering what the hell is my daughter doing downstairs? well ma..three people..ooppss..four people contacted me ma. aaarrrggghhh!! i need to go back to kuantan tomorrow la! how the hell am i supposed to tido now huh?? shit la u guys! (owh..except for u baem. :p) but serious..i'm rather confuse than happy..rather confuse than sad. finals coming..having my period..(too much information sabrina) and yada2..makes me wanna do bungee jumping. like hell now. huh..sadly there's none in malaysia..there is ke? cheh..dunno my own country. least this three people knows me..they know i exist. that's for sure. hate u guys. seriously. ggggoooooddddddd!!!! I'M DAMN CONFUSE LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just tell me la. A,do u really like me? B,no..i dont love u at all. C,ur like old story already..dun try to much.
still hating and confused..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pity my brain

you you ever been in a condition to choose two ways which carries the same meaning-responsibilty and important? of course you do right? i've been in this condition before but as you all know,i have become weaker and weaker through out the year i've been spending my life in university. i have no more heart. my strengths are no longer strong as it was in the first semester that i have been carrying it from my high school years and also my beloved home. my brave heart has lost it's fire to keep me warm when trouble occurs. i hate my new self being..i hate when this kind of trouble happens..let me tell you a story. as you all know i am a debater. somehow i cant say i am a real debater as i have never attempt to debate infront of a real adjudicator and a real competition before. i AM a newbie. so,this coming competition,it'll be held in Arau,Perlis. all the senior debaters and all the debaters from Jengka,Jengkis,will go there as well. and for the newbie as i am myself,i need to. if i'm not mistaken,i'm one of the few newbies yang pergi to debate. i feel flattered. seriously. i need to prove that i can debate even though my mind and heart are thinking and beating rather rapidly since the news about arau have been spread around campus. orite,so,the mind is set to go to arau. but suddenly,a new news spreads..who wants to become a OC? hear me out,an OC is orientation commitee. it's like we're prefects for the new juniors to come into the UiTM. we're going to give them a hell for a week before the real actual day comes to enter UiTM. anyway,so,basically,both being the-newbie-going-to-arau-debater or the OC-from-hell-person has their own objectives. both have their own motives and important elements. hurm..but people that i love so much..mostly they said that i should go for the OC-from-hell-person. only some said that i better choose the arau debate trip. you know,for me,i would love to go to arau. but i deep inside me,i want to be the OC more. i don't know. i'm not doing this for the money. seriously,i'm not that desperate. just being there as an OC. it's like cool la. just linger around the juniors and stuff. show them that this campus kuantan is not as bad as it looks. haha. but for arau plak,i want to go to prove to people that i can debate. that i can be as good as the others. but that excuse is just mainly about what i want to do just for the sake of what people would think of me. is it fair for myself? i'm tired. i need to think bout what i want just for a while. just once. i know letting the arau trip is like letting down the debate team. it would be like i'm being selfish. am i? owh..the torture of thinking too much. i love the debate team. i love people inside it. but i hope people inside it can understand me just once. just once i beg to all. both of this ways that i need to choose from both have it's pros and cons. but for next semester,there will be more competition to come. but being an OC is like once in a lifetime. but all the way down..i will stick to my decision. which is going to be the OC. and that's it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

2 big games coming

wuhu..after all the exams nanti,for the debate team,we all maybe going to the ARAU OPEN and PIZZA..sorry..until now i cant simplify the definition of PIZZA,'s in dungun la..i can tell u that. so..not only semester break i will enjoy after the exam but also the excitement to go and debate. tata.

the pictures from the debaters dinner

this was after the dinner..tired like hell. :D

after the dinner

me and saiful

me and iylia,daus,akmal and syikin

gorgeous 5. me,salma,sha,hanan and fadli

with my housemate,sha

with "megati"! :D

one of the abang OC dulu,abang hady

beautiful debater's and bahas people

me and my neighbour,nana

fantastic 4,me,salma,ed and hanan

roar! me and salma

me and my date for the nite,ashy mashy

me and the king of all gigs,ifwat

the whole group of people who came that nite!!

fad picture when i was singing cant be retrieved. :(

me and the MC of the nite,ila kader

when we arrived in vistana for the dinner,,in the lift,me,hazirah,shubby.iylia,izzati,hanan and salma

sorry people..i cant blog lately because assignments and final exam is coming. but i can just put on some pictures. love u guys.

Friday, April 3, 2009


now i'm in vistana. jage'ing the song for the dinner. love my songs. haha. just finish heart is still beating rapidly..haha. yeah..that song is supposedly for someone. dan sebenarnya by yuna..sesuai sangat. the hurt that i had when i u went away. sakit. watever la..the dinner is nice. :D everyone came. thanks. love you guys. :D muah2

Thursday, April 2, 2009


hey,for the person that was hurt by my post..bout the confusion between a friend that i just knew about 2 weeks and my friends. i wanna say sorry because of what i wrote came out wrong. i'm sorry. ur still my friend aite?


helo! i'm gonna be rather busy today and tomorrow. because tomorrow is the big nite!!-DEBATER'S DINNER! so,tomorrow or lusa i'll blog it in k? i'm gonna sing 'dan sebenarnya' by yuna on that night. so,wish me luck. love u guys.