Monday, April 20, 2009


it's 12.46am. i'm still not sleepy in any way. so..when to my friend's house..infront my house je. haha. and took her laptop..and dunno what to up tulis dis post. huh..the exam tadi was great. seriously. even though one of the chapter that i expected to come in the paper..none..wat penat je bace about love. huhu. but the knowledge about bising2 la. haha. love the chapter. but no one to share with. muahahaha. puas ati suddenly jadik poyo. so..end up jawab question bout aggression,line ups and yada yada. another 2 days,library skills and legal research..omg..i dunno how to do dis..tell u the truth..i never paid any attention in this class. seriously. from the first class untl the last one. huhu. so..i need to prepare tonite la. read and understand by myself. ingat ye budak budak..jangan ikut ape akak dah wat for the last few months back. cheh..benci la..i hope all the papers is going to be like tadi nyer paper la. best gler jawab. happy je bler anta. haha. so,goodluck la for u guys out there taking exams. chow!