Friday, April 17, 2009

happy blogger

i'm tired of being depressed in my blog and stuff. sian my readers. sorry korang. been thru alot lately. so,yesterday,let's just say that i found my strength back and all the problems and stuff i threw it all to reen. thanks babe for catching it. :) so,i'm kidda free now. no more worries no more problems. when i wrote in my earlier post,i try to find the box for me to put all my problems in to. yeah, i finally found the box. :) so,whatever things people whould do or whatever people would say,i will just fire back or just be dumb. i wont take it seriously and think about it for days like i would do for a couple of months back. like damn it. what was i thinking? why did i get so sensitive and weak? whatever la. just throw it all away. got my box back. that's for sure. love my life. love myself. love my family. love my friends. love the readers. love all of u guys!! :X muah2.