Wednesday, April 29, 2009

omg..i saw hugh jackman's butt!! :D

omg!! seeing hugh jackman's butt all the way in the middle of the movie..what more can u ask? so,today,went to klcc at 2pm. jumpe reen and her darling,aiman. then off we went to pavillion. lepak2..making me fatter..ate some chilli beef fries at carl's junior..some ice lemon tea and a mint oreo milkshake. nice. after that went back to klcc. tunggu my cousin,akmal to habis keje at 5pm. lepak2 kat klcc..dunno what to..pegi kinokuniya. bace life suck..anyway,my cousin called,and we ate(again) kat waffle stall kat foodcourt atas tu..then..i bought the ticket forrrrrrr....THE X-MEN ORIGIN!!! yes! i bought it! so..the ticket says~pukul 8.30pm. i have 3 hours pergi la nak ambek taxi with mycousin but tak jumpe satu pun...penat end up calling his sis to pick us got bout 2 more hours..that's when i caught in a traffic jammed. damn la..penat. so..sampai umah my mom was there waiting for me. went sister was waiting..went back out..sampai klcc..tgk movie. chow. haha..let me revise.

12.00am-baru bangun
1.00pm-tgh siap
2.30pm-sampai klcc
3.oo-sampai pavi
4.00-sampai klcc
5.20-my cousin habis keje
6.00-kejar taxi
6.30-masuk kete kak lily
7.30-tolak dari rumah my aunty
7.50-sampai rumah
8.00-keluar rumah
8.30-wayang bermula(this is when i saw hugh's huge butt) :D
10.30-sampai rumah my sis to pick up my mom
11.51-buat blog!