Sunday, April 26, 2009


hey! went to muadzam yesterday to teman iqa ambek kete her twin to bring back to kuantan. so..i drove all the way. seriously. penat2..but it was fun like hell. tagging along was hanan. the combination between the three of us sangat sesuai la. haha. tiga2 psycho. haha. so..bler dah sampai kuantan..dah ade,went to east cost mall and bought some big apple..hanan nak. haha. pastu carik keropok lekor kat tanjung lumpur..i wanted some. huhu. then went to arked padang lalang to buy some dinner. terjumpe lak budak2 laki but they didnt see us. thank god. haha. after that pegi lak petronas to buy some nescafe because all three of us tau yang we didnt bace byk like the other housemates yang tak for stay up la. haha. after that baru balik..tido for one hour,,bangun balik and started to read..until 5am. bangun balik at 8am for the exam. huh..tiring day. at 2.30 lak naik bus and here i am..kuala lumpur..hehe.