Monday, April 6, 2009

the pictures from the debaters dinner

this was after the dinner..tired like hell. :D

after the dinner

me and saiful

me and iylia,daus,akmal and syikin

gorgeous 5. me,salma,sha,hanan and fadli

with my housemate,sha

with "megati"! :D

one of the abang OC dulu,abang hady

beautiful debater's and bahas people

me and my neighbour,nana

fantastic 4,me,salma,ed and hanan

roar! me and salma

me and my date for the nite,ashy mashy

me and the king of all gigs,ifwat

the whole group of people who came that nite!!

fad picture when i was singing cant be retrieved. :(

me and the MC of the nite,ila kader

when we arrived in vistana for the dinner,,in the lift,me,hazirah,shubby.iylia,izzati,hanan and salma

sorry people..i cant blog lately because assignments and final exam is coming. but i can just put on some pictures. love u guys.