Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i'm gonna wait.

i admit.

i'm 19. do not know anything about love.

but what am i gonna tell u guys it's from me,myself ok?

u know the feelings when we met a person,hate him so much,but suddenly changed when somehow u met him somewhere and u started talking? i felt that. and i'm currently feeling it. when u have butterflies in your stomach when u remember how he smiled at u a couple of days ago. or when ur smiling all by yourself when u read what he texted u a couple of weeks ago that u cant seem to delete? OR when u remember the jokes and funny faces he made. or how cute he looks when he's wearing anything. or how proud u are to know him better than anyone else? and jealous when people starts to know that he exist and pretend they love him. i'm different. i hate u. but when i started to know u,that's why i started to love u. not like the bitches that likes u because ur handsome. for me,ur not handsome but that's why i like u. ur imperfect. i love u because of who u really are towards me.

when i watched the movie-he's just not that into you,i felt that thing..when u want to give up hope because dis guy doesnt message u first or contact u in any way possible. but who the hell is the director? does he know about love that much?
for me,i myself is the director in my own love story. i know when to give up..when to hope. follow ur heart. not ur mom,not ur girlfriends and strangers that doesn't know how to spend their life,so,they create articles to know that a guy likes u or not and end up having results-he's not the one.

i am going to wait. just know that i actually exist. that's enough. just let me know it too.

it's five a clock in the morning.