Monday, November 2, 2009

road trip haram

huhu! one of the things that i cant never EVER lupe from my life kot. hahaha. this is it! the roadtrip that a person should be doing now or never. this kidda roadtrip..u guys must achieve like once your lifetime..AT LEAST. uhuhu.

the stuuuurrryyy goes like this..

on the lovely evening of wednesday,29th september 2009,we were discussing how the hell nak ambek baju dinner kat rumah masing masing. but fikir balik..hanan je kan? hahaha. so..i had a nice idea--------->jom sewa kete pegi kuala lumpur mari kawan kawan? and they all said yes!

we called and called..we got a kancil from this lovely kakak.

so..the next day,we got the car. the plan was to leave kuantan at 6pm. but we got in trouble with the car. it was hard to drive. there was five of us. me,hanan,zaty,nad and eikin. yang boleh drive,3 orang je. me,hanan and zaty. zaty took the wheel first sebab i said i need to see how to bawak manual car first. and on the highway,i'll take over. but the kereta hated us so much..kitorang pulangkan balik and we called tommy,a sewa kereta guy. we got a kancil jugak. but lepas tunggu sume ni..we ended up leaving kuantan at 10.00PM. seriously. and we made it to temerloh in just one hour. we were so damn hungry that time. nasib ade satu kedai bukak. alhamdulillah! :D and i took over.

i drove laju gler. so did zaty. we ended up in kl at 12.30 camtu. and we drove straight using MMR2 and went straight to bangi for hanan's crib. went there and salam salam with her mom and took her sister to bed..yang paling manja with her tuh. and we waited kat bawah and zaty took over back the car. i slept and woke up..dah sampai seremban. and we were like kidda sesat here and rupanya..nak jumpa kawan nad..acap. so,went to their place. rumah berani masuk..huhu. but mase nad tengah jiwang ngan acap,we went on taking pictures with my fisheye! wuhu! :D and after all the dating habis..we went to a kedai mamak at 4 in the morning! with the guys..kawan acap. panjang and jai. went to shisha and some water and off we went on with our roadtrip haram!

by the rising of the sun,we were on the road to go tp eikin's place. i drove from seremban to pj. but something came up and we went to kawan eikin's place instead of somewhere else. :) and me,hanan and eikin went into her house. and her room was like ade aircond and stuff..and the katil was like...mari sini sabrina..tido kejap. i was like...fucckkk..gler best dowh if tido. so..eikin asked for her permission to rest kejap because her friend pun dah bgn that was i think about 8.30 camtu. i called zaty and nad to go inside as well. the kawan wanted to go to asked to sleep sampai la her friend dah siap nak gi class and we go off serentak la. but all of us takleh bangun. and the family bought us some freaking good roti canai! pergh! with milo panas! pergh! haha. sedap dowh!

so we went on with our trip by stopping by at sunway pyramid. by this was hanan time to drive. me and zaty ke'ok dah. haha. we went in and saw a movie that i cant forget!! and the kelakar part was from 5 of us yang tengok the movie..i think 3 people was asleep. lawak. only me and hanan je kot tengok. hahaha. and i bought a beanie hat kat forever21 and off we go nak balik. passed by my house..but was afraid to give my mom a shock of her life to see me in kuala lumpur in a kancil that we drove about 265km from kuantan! so..went on gombak,had our lunch and i took over the wheel until temerloh and zaty took over plak. sampai lepas UMP (university malaysia pahang) our tayar pecah. BODOH KAN? hahaha. and we stopped dekat tepi road yang sangat gelap. it was like 6.30 camtu and we got stucked until 8.30 camtu until tommy came and took over and gave us his kembara. malam tu plak ade this sambutan hari raya. we didnt bring our baju we cant get in..lama lama we just went in..buat muka tembok. undress,showered and laugh out loud terkenang balik kitorang baru buat roadtrip haram yang sangat sangat best.

i love u guys so much for being crazy as me. :D

sorry..banyak gambar takleh masuk sebab sebab tertentu. hola!




hanankamal said...

44 halangan ye. ingat tuu :)

sabrina said...

omg! i lupe 44halangan tu dah. hahaha. if ingat dah letak dah! hahaha

Anonymous said...

hahaha! kelakar gile la pasal road trip nie. i miss those times with all of u~ arggghh! bile nk bwat keje gile ni lg.? heheh- nadnad

sabrina said...

yang kuantan ni la but korang buat bodo jerr.....:(

caramel said...

wehh.aku x tdo ye time wayang tuh.c nad n eikin je yg k.o dowhh.haha.

psl plan ko tuh aku x cnfirmkn lg lahh sbb pape hl kne tgk result dlu maa.

kalu ok br fmily aku kasi.huhu
aku rse yg lain pown sme.

sabrina said...

agak ah..aku takut. korang..goodluck.