Thursday, November 26, 2009

jacob H-O-T-T-O-G-O! RAR! :D

nyum nyum! :D jacob becomes a man. :p went out today with my sister. a lil break from books i shall say. :) went with my oldest,kak dudi. went there quite early..the movie was at 6.40pm but we went there like 5.15pm.

so went to have some early dinner at chilli's! weee! serious kempunan to eat this place. lame kot tidak menjejak kaki. :D rabbit! aku baru bagitau kau mase kite jumpe tu kan? about me and this kempunan with chilli's? weee! dapat jugak! hahahahaa!

dah la sume sister belanja everything. ngeh2..goyang kaki senang hati. :D

about the movie,it was,for me la kan,same la dengan the book. some places they did some changes but not that tukar like what we can see in harry potter. harry potter movies are like the remake of the book. seriously. well..i cant stand not by saying----> JACOB IS HOT YAAWWW.

haha. sumpah handsome. mase die bukak the baju..every girl in that wayang was like "aaaaaa" and every guy was like "pfft". serious la. i heard it la because i was one of the girls yang made sounds u see. haaha. i love jacob now. but i still have my crush on jasper! weeee! he's so cute in that movie even though he had like 1 or 2 lines? he's still cute. :D

jacob and jasper. j&j..i loike.