Sunday, November 15, 2009

i'm sorry for the people around me thinking i've changed.

alot of things are happening to me in one -BOOM- like that..

so maybe i will not be so happy when u called

so maybe i will not reply when u message

so maybe i will not feel guilty and pujuk balik when u merajuk

but tell can i do that if i'm not strong in this condition?

my family is giving me the hardest thing along side with my already bad life.

they asked me to prove by words why i should stay in law. and if the answer is not good enough, they will take the power to change me into another course

my life depending on them? i'm the one that will learn,will read all the books. not them and they want to take dictatorship into my life? to control what i am trying to do in the future?

tell me people,how exactly am i supposed to prove by words?

or i should give them an idea..which is to give me support and guidance to make me have the courage to hold those law books again and to give my best shot when the exam occur


oh Lord,give me some guidance and strength.