Tuesday, November 17, 2009


well, when i saw this movie sumpah teringat semester one when all of my group still attached as one. the lemon trees. i miss them so much.

phobia was the first movie i saw with them. it was nice. scary tahap dewa but when we sticked together dulu,it was nice kan? we laughed and we scream like shit together. sumpah best but we ended up pecah. thanks to some people.

anyhow, this time i went with my ex schoolmate,rabbit. or her real name-rabiatul. hehe. :D it was so damn nice jumpe this rabbit putih of mine nih!! like 2 years kot tak jumpe! we met up kat depan cold storage KLCC and trus dapat kan the tickets and when we were lining up, terjumpe another CBN girl,ain. but she went to see another movie. so tak leh jerit sama sama. :p

after the tickets, we had about 2 hours to jalan jalan and we had lunch kat foodcourt. cakap cakap what went by. all the crushes,university. owh yeah,now rabbit is in UiTM arau. cool! :D and terserempak pulak with anis farhah,my kuantanese mate. terkejut gler terjumpe die. haha. we salam salam and went on.

after walking and stuff,we went to the cinema.

sumpah la cite tu taklah takut sangat. but if u wanna see it, be prepared for a lot of terkejut scene and the stories. there are 5 stories. started with a guy being a monk and met up with a ghost. not that scary. the second one was a guy being in the same ward with this coma guy. this one for me is quite scary actually. the third one, about japanese backpackers hitchhking with a weird lorry. the fourth one, about a woman selling cars and the history of the cars. this one..ok laaaa. and the fifth, damn. this one is the scariest among all BUT it was the funniest. bleh tak? in all of the scary movie i was pulling my head out, this one sumpah lawak kot. i was laughing and laughing until cam tak takut. so, i salute the directors for making me relax again after watching 5 ghost stories weh! cool sial! wuhu!!

4 and a half star! see it!