Wednesday, November 4, 2009


the lovely cupcakes bought by reen. :)

me and reen. :)

aiman, aliff and izzat

zarith,edelin,aina,dida,me and reen

aliff wane hijau, me blur,zarith camwhore, aina baju hitam,aiman kat belakang

zarith,aliff,aiman,izzat and edelin

penat ok? :D

the three gents

reen,zarith,edelin and me

reen riding my back. :p

nice! :D

them and bbq. :)


edelin and reen

all the four of us. :)

this was like last sunday. me and my friends..zarith,edelin and reen had this lovely idea of throwing a bbq *slash* makan makan *slash* potluck *slash* hari membawa cinta. laaa,the last part for me je kot. haha. ok ok. continue.

venue- edelin's house in mont kiara
date- 1st november 2009
people came-me,izzat,zarith,aliff,reen,aiman,edelin,dida and aina

i got up pretty early because i was incharged with the potato salad and drinks. and by 1.30pm zarith showed up to pick me and after that me,zarith and aliff took izzat at his house. sampai je, aiman showed the way up and the api takleh start. from bright shiny day until dah mendung baru the api..thanks to our gents...decided to berapi.

but after the chicken was done, and after the udang was on the fire, it rained. sedih tak? haha. and it wasnt like rintik rintik ok people? it was a storm. thank you.

and we decided that we had to angkat the table sume bawah the roof and tertinggal la izzat,edelin,aiman,aliff,zarith, and reen terkapai kapai menjaga api dan makanan dibawah and leaving me and dida feeling guilty sebab takleh tolong. serious la..hehe.

and we ate our food,talked about school again. for your information people, this group of mine..zarith,me,reen and edelin is a goup memang since form1. huhu. and we were laughing our heads off with aina's jokes. and dida senyap sebab sejuk katanya. haha. tengah makan still hujan kena. dah la pakai shirt putih. so,yes. bayangkan sendiri. huhu.

after that, dida needed to leave. so zarith and aliff hantar dida to kl sentral and all of us duduk balik and talked again. aina pun balik this time jugak. sampai zarith and aliff sampai balik. and all of the girls nak mandi swimming pool which for me, unlucky that day,i cant swim because of sebab sebab tertentu. huhu. and they played with me watching from tepi swimming pool. sedih sial. haha. i ended up lepaking with the guys kat tepi swimming pool. haha.

and the time was up. kitorang kena balik. semua same time curfew. about 8pm. haha. and i need to follow zarith's time. so we packed our stuff and headed home.

love that day. love u guys. :)



zarith s said...

next, picnic =) hopefully! best lah buat mcm ni selalu. ramai2 mcm ni. sgt lah fun kan. love you!

sabrina said...

love u too zarith! :D