Thursday, June 18, 2009

the haze

wow..first time in my life..d bus was so fast..instead of 4 hours turns out to be 2 and 45 minutes je, damn..d same journey from kuantan to jengka if d driver ikut the had laju. haha. and for the first time cam happy gler tengok haze kat kl..lambang-"yeah..i'm in kl..DEFINITELY"...tido macam nak mati in the i was awake from karak until pekeliling jer. haha..i dont know why but i'm always awake mase karak part. scary kot..

pergh..i dont know why but i love today. from d moment i woke up this 5.30am in my room at campus sekilau until now..kat my own house in ampang,kl. i love it. :)

so,now,i'm gonna update my blog as much as i can because now in campus my laptop wat hal..takleh agak bodoh ah. i can only online mase i'm in kl. sangat..sangat bodoh. +_+"