Saturday, June 27, 2009

the waiting and 17 again

one day,pak lah,our driver decided to not tell us that he's going to bring the juniors to UMP. the same evening with one of the classes that we are supposed to get in the bus and go to the other campus and have a lovely class. see the picture already?

so,all of us,the girls siap la macam biasa..make up..clothes kena perfect..and yada yada. we went down at 1 something and we waited and waited until it was 2pm..then we realize that the bus is still missing. like duh..but we took some pictures..yes..class D law is full of cam-whores..i know. haha. but i love them. :D then we discovered the true story about the missing bus and paklah.

after taking pictures..after tanning our skins..paklah arrived and all of us werent happy..yeah la..baru nak naik balik and go back to sleep. huhu. so,we went..the guys were waiting for us and we continued our class.

after the class we went to the movies. we watched 17 again. which is the second time for me. but even though it was the second time,it was still laughable. haha. i love that movie and the sexy zac efron...eeee...handsome sial...ok..ok..shut up sab.

so,after that,me,ashrul,ajerr,sha,fadli and other people had some dinner at golden.

that's all. :)