Saturday, June 13, 2009

outing with friends and family

yeah. this was the last day before i went back to kuantan for semester three.

went to klcc by train with kak nita. to look for our sister's birthday present. and at the same time,i was there because i was supposed to go out with edelin and reen. went there as promise at 10.00am. sebab supposed to jumpe at 10.30am. but reen sampai bout 11.00am and edelin sampai bout 11.25am. and my movie with kak nita was at 11.45am..which for me it was the perfect i can have my jumpe2 kawan before the movie for 1 hour and have my lunch with family after the movie. but because edelin ended up,i just can lepak with them like what..10 minutes? god..i wanted to lepak with them more. but what the heck.

lepak2..and it was time for me to go. saw the movie 17 again. was hilarious!! kelakar sial. and zac efron was a cutie as usual. :D that part when he said to his daugther..dont walk away from me! was priceless. :p

after that,mak went to klcc to meet us up and had some lunch at chilli's.

thank god tak penuh was a weekend kan..u know la..klcc will be packed with tourists..the bus driver of the tourists' bus..the tourist guides..the bangla's and indon's away from their construction works. and not to forget the whole malaysia was there as well...pergh..hell penuh..but the lunch was fun. i ordered grilled lamb something was so good..i was HUNGRY..i could eat a horse if i could. lol. nice la that day. it was perfect for my goodbye day.

but malam tu penat la..packing sume..damn..