Tuesday, June 9, 2009

third semester


well..started the third semester yesterday. i'm so freaking bored. the timetable is like so memeningkan. with all the problems that i've been carrying from kuala lumpur..i think this semester will be hard. the juniors are quite ok..nothing to do with me. but just found out that my junior from cbn is here as well. my ex adik angkat plak tuh. cheh. serious..she was a bit jumpy when she saw me and said my name loud jugak la..KAK PUTERI!! i was like my campus all my friends call me sab..only kl people call me puteri..and now campur dengan KAKAK nickname..pergh..i feel old. haha. but one thing..i am still angry la..with all the feuds between me and my friends in kl. and the debate audition will be held tomorrow which for me..i'm not comfortable..why? because..i didnt do well la last sem..i was giving excuses not to debate and stuff..i was just terrified to go infront..but my friend did have a point..saying..kenapa ko masuk if ko taknak debate sial? hurts but eventually..d point masuk la jugak in my brain.

jap..what the hell?? nape aku merepek nie?

whatever crap..a whole new semester..a hell new semester.

third semester..if blaja lebeh..tak mati..masuk degree.