Saturday, June 27, 2009

transformers!! ek ek(bunyi robot)

yeah. so on what day tah..i went to class and people started putting names on a list..and the list was-TRANSFORMERS ON WEDNESDAY.

yeah. of course i wrote my name. so was my 16 other classmates. from my house,me,hanan,ed and ekin. our movie was at the teruntum cinema. which i never went to before. so,the movie was AWESOME!! dah la tengok with my friends. agak bising but that's the best part right? hehe. :) i love watching it.
after that,hanan was puasa that day and amir and nizam took us with nizam's car..from terminal because i purchased bus ticket to kuala lumpur..which i dont know why..this semester..i love to go back. hehe. anyway,we went to tanjung lumpur.."we" as if me,ekin,ed and hanan. memang we were like sardine in the back. haha. me,ed and ekin ordered some sotong goreng tepung. and the others ordered nasi goreng,mee goreng and mee hoon goreng. it was a bit awkward but it was ok. :)

then,nizam dropped us off kat megamall. and we went there without any plans pun. so we ended up karaoke few 'gatal' songs like i'm a slave for u,tak ada logika,pump it and i cant remember the other's not like gatal...sluttish kind but the one that we,girls, can have fun singing..well..i'm sorry guys if you cant understand..this is what we call 'the girls' kingdom'. muahahaha. whatever.

so..that was it..after we bought some stuff at giant..we went home. so,that was it. nice huh? for me,it was an awesome day. :)