Saturday, June 13, 2009

kakaks with me outing. :D

"na!! get up! we need to go to your law book store and get some lunch!"

yes..i was awake after that..penat sangat..from all the journey i went through yesterday. so,took a bath and wore a stupid tshirt because that's the only baju that is sesuai with my seluar..the only seluar yang bawak from kuantan.

after that..pergi a law book store infront of the semua house kat masjid india. got all my books i wanted..except for one. which i'm quite confuse..the author dah tak publish dah ten years..pelik..madam soh carik the book...anyway..the parking was easy. :) best sangat..susah ok..nak dapat a decent parking there. pergh..penat.

dah dapat buku sume..kak owi drove to mon't kiara to find ourselves some food to went to SCHOKOLART. a placed that u can find very beautiful chocolates and great food..ah..not forgetting the heavenly shakes. love it!! so,i ordered a potato yada yada..which comes with a german kind of sausage and some toast salad by the side. for drinks,i ordered some love triangle shake..which is a blend of caramel,banana and dark chocolate ice cream. eemmm..sedap2!! :D the place was really nice..all the jazzy kind of place. the presentation of the food was so nice..pardon the picture..i forgot to take the original look before i wallop all the food in my mouth. sorry... -_-"

after that..i went to a bakery in damansara called the bread shop. i love that shop. this was the first time i stepped into that kakak was there once. we love the bread there. i mean the loaf bread..the whole loaf is about rm4.80 which is quite ok for a very delicious loaf of bread. :)

went back after that and jumpe my other sister lak and she said-"na,nak pergi wayang at 6 jom?" i was like DUH!! i didnt see a movie since 17 again..ok..taklah lame..but kakak blanje kot. haha. so..mase tu about 4 something..siap sume..about 5.15 camtu we went out. because we need to take the reserve ticket about 45 minutes before right. the movie was good. the kind of movie that doesnt make you think alot. just relax and see the movie. with the channing tatum in it..walaweh..perfect. haha. lot's of people said that he's a bit 'berisi' in that movie..but for me sukati die la! haha.

after that had a dinner with kak nita at california kitchen in klcc. went for fettucini in garlic cream sause..sorry people..malas nak tangkap gambar dah. :p malam to see. whatever. 11.45pm..blogging..thinking about going back to kuantan tomorrow. pergh..i hate this semester..the bacterias all over the place...lecturer cam garang..last semester..but i love my new house though..but unfortunately nana isnt there..:( die rumah if i have problem kene naik atas instead of tarik'ing nana to the balcony.

AND..i hate him.