Monday, June 1, 2009

an evening walk with my sister

no actually taklah evening..but it's just the title best. sukati ah.

so,i was with my sister,kak owi. we went to klcc to find some presents for mak and kak owi's friends la.

june+birthday=sangat banyak. gettit?

anyway..lepak2 there..went to every store there is in klcc. penat setan but it was fun. after all the shopping macam orang gila..we went to Chocz and had some hot choco. sedap sangat. it was as though we were drinking melted ferrero roche..jap..catu eja kan? whatever. haha. got a call from zat heikal saying die kat pavillion but we didnt get the chance to meet up even though he went to klcc after that but i went home already. sorry zat. dapat all the presents. but i didnt buy anything for mak yet sebab takde duit and klcc mahal.

sab+takde duit=mati. gettit?

after that bought some movie tickets..for me and my other sister,kak nita and dapat kol 9.55pm. mase tu 4 kot. takkan nak tunggu went back and waited for kak nita kat rumah. but unfortunately,she cant make it to my house and ambek mom anta me kat klcc. hey..i'm not a kurang ajar selfish bitch for a daughter type OK? but mase tu 9pm..of coz ah mak risau if naik public transport. but whatever..i waited until 10pm baru my sis sampai. we watched monster vs. aliens. which is damn funny. klakar sial. haha. love bob. :p

it was a nice day la.