Thursday, June 18, 2009

berani ke bodoh?

i was checking out my myspace account and crossed over this buletin from my friend telling about a myspace page that hates malaysia so created a myspace for it. like what d hell? and the owner or owners are from indonesia.

so please malaysians,take a look at this LINK

judge them yourselves.

berani ke bodoh.

i just think that they are too stupid,so,if i say this in my blog,they cant understand pun. well,excuse me..i'm not talking to the whole indonesia..the whole people in that country..but the owner and they're supporters.

they say in their blogs that malaysians are dogs and no creativity and stole all their songs,budaya and all the shitty stuff that malaysia doesnt need. like what the f***? you said that we stole your cooking recipes..tolong la. you guys are so lame. at least our country are making economically balance and no war. we dont kill people. what do u guys have? your cooking recipes? we have food you know. do you?

no what,just go to hell. another LINK