Monday, October 12, 2009

satu hari di hari raya

crap. i just realize i didnt write anything about raya eyh? dddeeemmmm. sorry people. goes.

one the first day of raya..i was rich. haha. salam everyone and got some cash! love it. haha. went to kubur ayah and my nenek and my moyangs. after that pegi rumah wanlong and wan mah. and that's it. hahaha. balik rumah..settled down and did some kemas rumah thing'y and tolong mak sume la for the open house on the second day of raya.

on the second day of raya plak. we opened our house to our beautiful guests. we went to wanchik's house dulu actually that morning..ate some food and off we went to our own home. haha. everyone came. my friend anis,my ex beau,awal and my adik,shiqin and her friend,wawa and not forgetting REEN!! hehe. for about 7 years kawan ngan reen..this is the first time die datang my house for raya..selama ni she needed to go back to her kampung. so..the people that came..actually budak2 yang tak penah datang my house. cool eyh? hehe. are some pictures.