Monday, October 19, 2009

the first guy

when u added me in myspace about 6months ago..i just thought that u just a guy yang add up all the girls in myspace. when u said hi..i was so bored because i was in love with someone else.

we moved on with our own life and when i was heart broken because of that guy..u came back saying hai to me again. that time was cute because we're like confuse of using 'kite awak' or 'i u'. but it was a hai2 bye2 kidda stuff until i gave u my phone number after i got to know u more.

u called. my suara was like shit because demam. we were close until i was sick really really hard and i stopped messaging with u.

and there it one week break from my uni. so i decided to meet u up kat mcdonald with nana teman me. i was so scared of meeting you and nervous..takyah cakap la..we met up about 3 times after that i off i went back to kuantan.

i dont know what happened..but u were so far away from me after i got better from my demam. it was hard letting go. but when i went to your blog..there u have it..your picture and your girlfriend. i asked..u just said harshly..'why do u care? there's nothing between me and u'

i erased u completely from my mind. u were quite as well. u didnt search for me. i didnt as well. we were both stupid not to grab the chances we had before it's too late. no 'made of honour' last scene for me.

and now. after my semester finished,u came back. we started as friends. i try not to like you back by being arrogant and a stuck up bitch. but just one thing that just make me break..what? u said u liked me before. the part that u saw me for the first time and before we met. but because you thought that i have a backed off and asked for another girl. for what? haih. kite gaduh terok kan that night? i was saying shut up and stuff.

about 2 days after your confession..i asked you to teman me and zarith to an open house somewhere in gombak. zarith was in the passenger seat and u behind me. when i talked all the way..u know i talk so much kan..u were just looking at me from behind. quitely. and when we found out that the open house was just a prank..thanks alot ilya..we just lepaked in the car waiting for ilya..and there u have it..u touched my hair. u were playing with my hair. my heart was pumping so hard. i was so shy ngan zarith. but zarith kept her coolness. thanks babe. :) and mase makan..u betulkan my hair..right there..i fell in love.

last saturday..went to pavillion..where you work. u gave me a baskin robbin's chocolate and peanut butter because that's my favourite flavour. and we shopped. and u showed me the existence of a nz mamak behind pavillion that i never tau wujud before. so..this is why i love u.

you are the first guy yang-

1) gave me goosebumbs
2) hold my hair
3) gave me a baskin robbins' chocolate peanut butter.
4) i went to pavillion for
5) ate breakfast with me
6) i took into my car
7) i dated in mcdonald
8) yang i wanted to buy a football for his birthday
9) hit me. i mean..jokingly.
10) that i fell in love with
11) that hurted me

but here's a thing..i will always love you tau.

it's like my own 500days of summer..