Monday, October 12, 2009

the last night

aahh..actually not the last night but the last outing at night. huhu. so..we lepak'ed at kedai kakak at teluk cempedak. about 11.30 camtu everyone was like kidda chuak because we're supposed to go back at 11-dalam gate campus dah. haha. but after that i still insisted nak tangkap gambar with my digital camera. so..we went to the beach until it was like 12 something and went home. upon arrival,we saw jamal-the worst pak guard yang jaga that night. tried to call him to let us in. but he didnt want to.

so..we went back to teluk cempedak. god..mase tu memang i was so guilty because memang sah sah la my fault kitorang balik lambat. there was 8 of us in the car. me,ed,eikin,zaty,ida,sara,nad,adib and zaty. bler sampai je sane,all of them went out of the kereta and lepak outside. ida tido mati kat belakang. ;p adib went on gayuting and me alone in the passenger seat beside the driver's. messaged with two of my friends,one dah tido and another one offered to talk to me until he sleeps. so,we talked,me with my stupid jokes and he's with his laugh. that was the best phone call ever. :) love that night. so he slept and we just lepaked there until 5.45 camtu. ate some breakfast and drove off to ed's house to drive her sister,lisa to scholl sebab PMR. i wish i have that kidda sister..memang semangat gler nak hantar adik gi school. :) is some pictures from the last night in kuantan. i love u guys so much.