Friday, October 30, 2009

friends tak ikut urutan eyh..sensitve sket my friends nih. lol. love you guys.


this is shahidah sufian. i've known this girl since semester one. she has this friendship with me based on forgiveness. kitorang gaduh la terok camne pun but still the next day or the next one hour, we will get back on and act as nothing happened. i love her for that. :)


budak kecik nih. haha. i like to bully her all the time. she will do nothing except for her blur face. she knows how to handle me. trust me. lol. she's my budak kecik kat campus. the nickname stays on until semester 3. the period that i was so rapat with her was within the second semester. love her.


haha. i love this minah. been bugging me since jengka. hehe. joking na. since then,she's been around and in my life. she's from bahau but she knows kl more than me. hahaha. she's like my mak in campus. if u have problem and u keep it from her,she'll know. and i seriously love her everytime she asked- 'sab, r u ok?' love u na! :D


the first thing yang rapatkan me and her was in semester one. i was so depressed one time tu. i didnt know anyone to message that time. i was crying like hell at the end of my dorm. and i sms'ed this girl and she didnt even reached her tudung,just grabbed her sweater,put on the hood and ran from her block to mine. and she straight away just hold me and just say it's ok. god. i love her since then. :) she's always there. and her clumsiness serious lawak. i love hanan kamal. :p


pergh. how and what to say about this pompuan ah? she's the most wonderful kawan a person can have. she's there when u cry and she's there when u need her. and the kelakar part, everytime i have problem,she will have her problem as we will ended up talking stuff about 2 people behind their back. lol. we cried, we laughed together so much kan babe? i love u dudu! :D


budak yang boleh dimasukkan like...rivals=friends. haha. we were rivals since jengka weh! haha. we rebuted the choir coach thing'y and i didnt ajak u for the stupid party-tak-jadik-sem-1. haha. and for 2 semesters we just didnt catch up with each other..buat keje sendiri until semester 3..we ended up in the same house. haha. so,we became close and closer lepas the roadtrip haram. lol. otak kitorang agak sama, love to do extreme stuff. she was the one yang when i said jom buat roadtrip haram..she just said-jom! and she jage'd me thru out my worst demam ever when i was in semester 3. love her for that.


budak ni kecoh ah. hahaha. we love to fight over stupid stuff. we'll debate about one thing lame gler and due2 taknak kalah. thanks to her, i know 3 players from negeri sembilan bola sepak team. cool eyh? she's one of the people that i regret so much..nape aku kenal ko lambat sangat? we love to do stupid jokes and roll on the floor laughing. gler minah ni. :p


she's one of the most hyper active person i've ever met in my life. serious minah ni hyper setiap hari. haha. she's my adik in campus. we became close when we were in the second semester sebab same class. and we became closer when we were in the third semester. tah,suddenly we became seriously close and we tell everything and trust each other. i knew kuantan thru this edlyna. :)


eikin,same name with my adik angkat sebijik. haha. since from first semester,i thought she hated me without any reason..rupenyer she was thinking the same thing. lawak gler. so,we became close in the third semester. i became close to ed first then baru rapat with this kura kura of mine. haha. she's one of the people yang jaga me because i was dijangkiti with this demam when i was in semester 3. i will love u forever weh!

you guys are the most beautiful, amazing, loving, caring, shitless, fucking awesome friends i ever met. shit...i love you guys so much. let's meet up kat shah alam shall we? we shall.



Anonymous said...

u make me miss everyone sayang! And just want to let u know, if only i didnt make it to shah alam, im just a phone call away from u k? I love you to death! Mua mua.


sabrina said...

hey! ape u ni! of coz u'll get la babe! :) we get it together k? muah2.

hanankamal said...

nank nangis boleh tak? :(

bytheway, aku clumsy kau cakap kelakar ye? hamboih!

sabrina said...

hahahaha. cute ah ko clumsy weh. lol. nangis ah. aku nangis kot tulis pasal korang nih. :)

edelin said...

ok. tapi mana gy d part about me..n reen..n zarith sume??pfft.

sabrina said...

eyh budak2 kuantan la sial. hahahaha. nnt aku buat korang je. hahahahaa. sayang ko edelin gler. hhahaha