Thursday, October 8, 2009

kuantan my life

since i got the message in my phone telling me i got asasi law..and dapat tau the program is actually kuantan..from my other gila half sedih sebab terinterpret salah when my sister jerit "yes" (long story)...from the keseksaan kat jengka to lemon tree issues..from east coast mall to mega...from teluk cempedak to balok and from sekilau to padang lalang.

this is all the sweet memories that i had been thru all my life in uitm kuantan.

jengka- orientation was hard. waking up at 3am. walking for hours. listening for hours. tido balik at 1am. pakai baju kurung and sport shoes. looking like apes. haha.

first semester
padang lalang- got a roomate,iqa. got a class that i love until today-law A. walked to mega for the first time. met new friends-nana,iqa,sha,ida,sara,eda,din and zu. a new group-lemon tree..controversy gler group ni-me,nana,ida,hanan,iqa,sha,sara,shubby,amirul,is,megat,illya,zat. got a new friend mase nak balik-dzul.

second semester
bukit sekilau- we didnt get the last campus because all the ladies need to go to sekilau leaving the guys behind at padang lalang campus. no seniors. no juniors. only us,the lawians and teslians. love that time. we became close. got a rumah with my group,nana,hanan,iqa,sha,sara,ida and salma with the teslians,wawa,qila and as. all of us hidup happy..with some gaduh. haha. got a new class because people needed to go inside my old up with class D. but taklah sedih sangat masuk class baru because the girls..hanan and salma and all the guys from group A last semester went to the new class as well. wuhu! :D got flying colours for the result exam.

third semester
bukit sekilau- got a new house. new housemates,ed,eikin,fatin,finie,hanan,izzaty,adib,nad,sha,iqa,sara and ida. nice house. sume otak same gler. no fights. thank god. became close to kumpulan ed..and dorang jage me thru out my demam trok period. rapat with izzaty nyer group mase nak blah dah but it was worth it. i think the last semester was the ultimate awesome semester. people didnt get in our way. sume buat hal sendiri. tido sukati mak bapak bilik mane2. juniors didnt get up in our asses. and i got a new friend that dont talk much to people,khalam. seronok gler kawan ngan awak. culik orang best. haha. thanks for everything. hurm..i just love third semester..just one thing i hate..why sekarang kenal baru sekarang nak pisah..just..haish.

i love u guys so much tau tak. please la doa that all of us will see each other faces again in shah alam sharing the same so..this are the people that i love EFFING much.

me,zaty,nad and adib

law A 2008 semester one

law D semester 2 and 3

me and faizal

me,ash,anis and rey

me and adik,ed

me and eikin

khalam,me,ed and eikin mase culik khalam

me,sha and iqa

me and nana

me and ida

me and hanan

me and lil sara

auntie sab and pakcik dzul

me and orang putih,amirul

zat,aiman,amirul and naqi

me and my adik,fad

the lemon tree. shit i miss u guys.

i'm sorry if u didnt find this kind of people in ur life..because they are THE people u should see and kenal before u die.