Thursday, October 22, 2009

me,zarith,reen and izzat

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at 10.45,reen sampai my house and we headed to mcdonald to get some descent breakfast. paid off even though i was pratically running inside the mcd because takut tak sempat the breakfast meal. :D went back to my house and tukar my baju and off we went to MIM college and took zarith. so all of us pegi to pavillion because reen needed to go shopping!! so me and zarith became her slaves for shopping..haha. kitorang masuk 2 dressing rooms. kitorang tangkap gmbr macam orang gila leaving reen sorang sorang. lol. slaves yang tak guna. :p

after trying like what..thousands of that time pun..dah kol 3.30 camtu and we wanted to wait for izzat to finish his keje there. so..kitorang lepak kat starbucks kat atas because we were so damn hungry. hehe. and after that i got a balloon from izzat. cute kan? lol. and we walked to the valet and took the car and we drove back to rumah zarith and all the three of,reen and izzat went to the AU jusco to eat something. so..we ended up kat sushi king and we ate alot lah jugak. hehe. and we talked and talked until it's like 6.45 kitorang pegi anta izzat and reen anta me lak. :)

so..thanks korang. that was a freaking awesome day! :D love u guys! muah2!

see...i told u kitorang tangkap gambar banyak..hehe. :)



Reen Fozi said...

Hehe. I had a great day babe....

sabrina said...

i know kan? hehe! :D