Sunday, July 5, 2009

yellow cab

there are two branches of this so called pizza place-yellow cab. one in ampang and another one is beside the heritage row in kl. babe,this place is so cool. :) i love the delivery motor. huhu. so,i went to this place just now with mak,kak owi and kak nita. just a dinner with four gorgeous gals. :)

we took 2 pizzas. all of it was made from different kinds of pizza. like pepperoni and cheese for half of it and the other half was new york classic. nice touch of basil herb in it. i love it so much. but the service was a bit slow. we waited about 45minutes for the pizza and we were like the only customer they had at that time..

but it was fun. thank god i have a family that loves to take pictures. hehe.'s the pictures. enjoy.


Reen Fozi said...

Owh!!! I went 2 d 1 at heritage row b4. Awesome pizza... Hehe

sabrina said...

hehe. yeah..i went to that branch gak. best kan? hee..nanti i balik..kite sume pegi sane jom?