Sunday, July 5, 2009

aunt sayang's wedding

well,when i went back to kuala lumpur on friday the 3rd last week,i went straight to my aunt's house with my sister. there,i met my mom and all my aunties. why? we were all there to do all the bunga telur and hantaran and other talking to the future bride to be. :)

yeah..i was there to do bunga telur but i didnt bersimpuh like i usually imagine i would. lol. after lots of telur wrapped in the bunga was time to go and have some beauty sleep for the next morning.

the next mom was downstairs making the bunga seri mom tau nak buat..anak die taktau. huuhu. and the whole house was like kidda bising because we were kidda late. drove like hell..aku kene menyempit kat bahagian blakang skali dalam kereta citra kak eldest sister that has 3 husband and a maid..and termasuk my second sister pun naik was like raya..but no duit to shop after that. gettit? whatever

went to setapak's masjid for akad nikah and the persandingan was at my nenek saudara,wan chik's house. so..the wedding was awesome

nak kahwin!!