Sunday, July 19, 2009

saya suka membebel. ada problem kah?

1.i'm sorry i cant update my blog right now because i have 2 tests this week and one forum discussion.

2.i'm going back this thursday insyaallah to kl. :D

3.gonna update my blog this weekend.

4.omg!! best nyer semester break is just around the corner.

5.sorry izzat,i dont know why my number jadik gila sket. :)

6.and yeah,i miss u la. :p

7.i miss home and mak. jom karaoke mase na balik ok? wuhu!

8.reen and zarith,sila sila angkat buntut anda sebab saya mahu kembali. yellow cab mari?

9.housemates doing fine. love them more and more each day.

10.i'm in need of water right now.

11.actually i dont know what to say anymore..but nak cukupkan 20 jugak.'s 1.56am in the morning and i have class at 9am and i need to get up at 8.00am. WAH.

13.i'm bored.

14.u,i miss u,u miss me? muahaha


16.i love monkeys. uk uk. :D

17.saya nampak satu kat teluk cempedak tadi.

18.i ate food at east coast mall and lepak'ed at the rooftop with finie,eikin and nana. yeehhaa!

19.please god,i need to study. test lusa. takut nya beta.

20.yes! 20 bebel'ans! :D thank u for reading!!