Sunday, July 12, 2009

aahhh..the shame..

yes..from my previous post..i wrote about me being the student that gelak banyak. so..what happened was..we played a game..sherades and one of the topic was -SABRINA LAUGHS ALOT- like...dah la izwar's(my classmate) turn he was pointing at me non stop and people was screaming my serious i was BRITNEY! HA-HA. lawak bodoh. then he immitated i answer was SABRINA LAUGHS ALOT..but the other team couldn't guess the part -ALOT- so..they lost. thank god. hahahhaa.

but i the queen of laughter? serious buruk nickname tuh..

bagi nickname sabrina the queen of all the beauty! hahahaha. OK..LAWAK BODOH..

dont get emo here me..and u'll get ur own topic for the game..

sabrina,the queen of all beauty(ok..lawak bodoh)